HMUN CONFERENCE, 2017........Future Leaders in the Making.
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Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar organized the Hillwoods Model United Nations Conference 2017. It brought out the most insightful and concerned minds to the forefront. These young minds carried enough concern to last the world a while. Issues that were often neglected by adults were brought up for the debate. The United Nations General Assembly-SOCHUM actively voiced their opinion. The delegates were aggressive in taking stands to defend their countries and policies.
The Lok Sabha addressed the most recent dilemma faced by the country- Demonetization and the effects of GST. It induced a heated debate between the policy makers and the one that opposed these steps taken by the government.
The whole two-day extensive program was presided by our chief guests Mr. Mahendra Ved and Mrs. Naina Ved. The opening ceremony was graced by our keynote speaker Dr. Nigam Dave the Dean of PDPU, while the closing ceremony was called to an end by Mr. Parag Patel Dean and Director, Ahmedabad University.
Invisible but essential, the International Press had two mottos and stood by them ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ and ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ They covered each nook and corner and splashed out news headlines. They added life to the most serious moments and were deservingly honoured.

HMUNC 2017 After Video