Visit to NIRMA

MESA of Nirma university organised two days workshop related with Automobile & Robotics as AUTOCALYPSE & ROBOCALYPSE on 26th & 27th of August 2017 in which 13 students of Hillwoods school went for autocalypse & 5 for Robocalypse. It was very exciting & informative session for them. They met the faculty members who shared their knowledge & experiences with them.They came to know about Aeroplanes –their various model , ATV – Its making & working, Modern bikes & their maintainance, Van – its parts & their function. Students of Robocalypse visited Robocon Robotics workshop where they saw various types of Robots & their working. Hillwoods School students prepared a beetle robo and also actively participated in idea presentation competition . 15 schools from Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar had a common platform to present their innovative ideas. It was a proud moment for us when Student of Class XI –Vrihit Jethwa , whose idea-WCC-wheelchair crutches was awarded with social innovation award. He was presented with a certificate & cash Prize. Other students Harshil Patel along with Shivam Patel presented their idea on Regenerative Braking system and Shrey Upadhyay presented PPT on – Rethinking CERN (LHC) which was appreciated by the jury members. The two days were very hectic for students but the knowledge which they gained was quite fruitful for them.

Visit to the Deaf & Dumb School

The children haven’t known a world of sounds. They lead muted lives and their ears and mouths are ever silent. For them Speech does not exist. Noise and music are the same for them, rather, nothing to them. But we were actually there for celebrating the beautiful festival of Rakshabandhan ; which was not just a festival of brothers and sisters but a way of expressing humanity. The students of the social awareness club of Hillwoods school visited the deaf and the dumb located at sector 28 . The students carried along beautiful Rakhis , sweets , snacks and shared with all of them.The teacher in charge would translate our words in their terms of language. Children enjoyed dancing and playing games with us. Some of them turned out to be fabulous dancers, dancing with firm confidence and their bodies moving with streaming fluidity and their movements flawless They had a round of the Gujarati folk dance Garba , in which many students won many gifts in categories like Best Dancer , Exciting Spirit , Enthusiasm. A visit to a beautiful park could be refreshing but a visit to someone who could give you an adventurous yet satisfied experience. The Hillwoodians realized how contented their new friends were with whatsoever they had. Thus experiencing a new and in fact a beautiful life in its own way.The children returned back to school but the memories of this visit will always be there in their mind.

Visit to Book Fair (State Central Library)

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him”, as said by Maga Angelon one of the best poets and memoirist of all times. On July 05, 2017, Hillwoods School organized a visit to Book Fair held at the State Central Library sector-21, Gandhinagar. Students of Class IX were taken for the trip. The Bookfair was organized by National Book Trust (NBT). A lot of books based on different genres were on display and students were allowed to buy books. Students visited different section of library, such as newspaper room, reference section, main library and reading room. The main room had a lot of books in various languages divided into three sections. The English section had a lot of books based on different genres like local History Religious books, Social Science, Drama and many more. It was an enriching trip for student.

Visit to Old Age Home

Life is not always a bed of roses. The students realized this when they reached the RAHELBA VRUDDHASHRAM in Chiloda on 4th May, 2017. The visit to the old age home was organized by the school as a part of community service. The home was filled with old but beautiful hearts. The students could imagine the worst of situations for the reason of the people being there. They were introduced to Ms. Nirmalaben, the trustee, who had devoted her life in serving those people. To cheer them up, they were offered sugarcane juice. Then they began getting acquainted to one another. To break the monotony of the old age peoples’ lives, a game of ANTAKSHARI and passing the parcel were played followed by singing, dancing, storytelling, clicking snapshots, etc. It seemed as if they had danced away their sorrows and anguish. After that, the students talked to the aged people and got to know quite a lot of painful and distressing realities of life. Then the contributions and the lunch had been served by the students and teachers. But these offerings are not the only pleasures of life as what actually are needed are true love, respect and care. Some of the people willingly chose to stay there after all the distress faced by them and some were discarded by their fellow offspring as useless appendages. They had fabricated smiles as deep down they had been shattered. While bidding them a farewell, the students were showered with blessings and love and with a hope and trust that they would not commit these pitying, hurting and sorrow-filled blunders. Through the visit, the students learnt the message of life that how important and inseparable parents are; whether rich or poor, literate or illiterate, able or disabled. And that one should take maximum care of their parents if their parents can take all the pain of the world to make their children happy and make both the ends meet.

Visit to Sports Authority of India (SAI)

The students of class XII visited The Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Gandhinagar on April 14, 2017.The students saw the Modern Fitness Centre, which has latest equipment used for cardio strength, weight training, and sauna steam bath. Students also saw advanced Table Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Gymnastic Field, Football, Kabbadi, Cricket and Handball Grounds. They met Mr. Sandeep Nehwal, the very talented player from Patna Pirates team of the Pro Kabbadi League. Trip to SAI was a great learning experience for students. The message delivered to the students after the visit was it takes a lot of hard work to reach the peak.

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