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�Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity not as a threat��.
On 7thMay ,2018 an Innovation Workshop was conducted by an expert team from Vikram Sarabhai. Workshop was conducted for 100 students of ATL of grades VI � X. It was a full day workshop. Students were divided into two groups A and B. Simultaneously two sessions were conducted in the ATL and the Auditorium. Expert team of mentors under the guidance of Ms.Megha Parikh conducted the session on Aurdino and sensors in the auditorium.At the same time in the ATL the session of Microbits was conducted by Ms. Gayatri Mistri an expert from United States, NANOBITS. This was a wonderful platform for students of ATL to learn the coding of microbits and to do various projects like sensing the room temperature using microbits. The most exciting part of the session was the �Challenging Yourself� were the students from class VI � X enthusiastically worked with Aurdino ,sensors and microbits creating mini projects..... Truly this workshop of ATL imbibes the spirit that �Creativity is thinking up new things .Innovation is doing new thing��