Rakhi / Card Making Activity

To celebrate the unconditional bond of love between a brother and a sister and the festival of Rakshabandhan a colourful activity was organized on 24th August ’18. Children of classes I, II and III made cards-where girls made cards to wish their brothers ‘Happy Rakshabandhan’ while boys made cards to say ‘Thank You’ to their sisters, Classes IV and V had ‘Rakhi-Making activity and they made beautiful rakhis. The children of primary section enthusiastically participated in this activity and filled the air with emotions of love, care and gratitude.

National Sports Day Celebrations

Hillwoods celebrated National Sports Day on Aug 29, 2018. Children played traditional games like Kho-kho, long jump, tug of war and kabaddi. A football match between Junior's & Senior's Boys group was played after the school hours, in which Junior's group won the match. Students enjoyed a lot.

Interhouse Regional Dance Competition

“It is with your feet that you move ,but it is with your heart that you dance.” Regional dances are the heart of any culture .They express the feelings of the comman man.They are an assets to the Indian culture. An Inter- House Regional Dance Competition was held on 10th August ,2018 in the school auditorium .Each house presented the dance form of the region ,they were assigned .As dances of India are an expression of its civilization and existence ,so was the performances of all houses TAKSHASHILA house participants presented their dance with precision and grace were declared the winner for their best performance .

Collage Making & Paper Quilling Activity

Collage Making Activity was conducted for classes I , II and III. White Paper Quilling Activity was also conducted for classes IV and V on July 27, 2018 in the zero period. Class I children made a shape of ice-cream cone in which the collage of pictures were pasted. Class II children were given a shape of cloud and they made a collage of colourful paper-bits in it. Children of Class III were asked to collect pictures of flora and fauna (flowers and animals) from magazines, newspapers and prepare its collage on A4 size drawing sheet. Children of Class IV and V made beautiful rakhis and ornaments in paper quilling activity.

Interhouse TED Talk Competition

Influencing people, motivating them to be the best, inspiring speeches and talk on topics which mobilize the idea of true facts and emotions is called Ted –Talk. As a mission to prepare children for becoming better speakers and giving them a platform to share their views, Hillwoods School had organized an Inter House Ted-Talk Competition for classes IX – X (Group A ) and XI –XII ( Group B ) on 20th July,2018. All the students came up with Enthralling ideas on “Looks aren’t everything and Peer pressure.” The best speaker from each group was selected and the result remain as follows: In Group A the winner was Maurvi Vohra ( Nalanda House) and for Group B the winner was Aakansha Punetha (Takshashila House) .

Interhouse JAM Competition

The JAM competition was an interhouse competition and was held on July 12, 2018. Children of classes III, IV and V participated in it. The competition had four round. The first round was for class III. They had to make bundles of 10 match sticks in a minute. The second round was for class IV where they had to make a pyramid using disposable plastic glasses in a minute. In the thord round, class V children were asked to pick up the coins from one plate with the help of two toothpicks and place it in the other palte. The last round involved speaking on a given topic for one minute without pausing for more than three seconds or repeating anything. The winner was Ujjain house followed by Nalanda house.

International Yoga Day Celebrations

“Yoga embodies unity of mind and body ; thought and action;restraint and fulfillment;harmony between man and nature;a holistic approach to health and well-being,it is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself ,the world and the nature.”
Hillwoods school Gandhinagar has celebrated 4th International Yoga day,on 21st June ,2018,Thursday.Students of classes 6 th to 8th performed various asanas with lots of interest. On this day students got the chance to interact with their mind and soul under the guidance of teachers.
Our students performed yogic exercise and Pranayam to celebrated this day. They have learnt that regular practice of yoga will surely help them to achieve a better life,physically,mentally and spiritually as well.

Interhouse Folk Song Competition

‘Music binds soul , heart , emotions and is a method of relaxation.’
Folk songs have always been an integral part of our rich culture. Hillwoods School,Gandhinagar organized an Inter House Folk Song Competition on 6th of July 2018,Friday during school hours. Classes VI to VIII represented their house in it. Students spread the essence of Punjabi,Rajasthani,Odiya and Gujarati culture through their performances .The humour, mischief and the typical tone of the songs mesmerized the audience. Each house showed their mastery over voice modulation,rhythm ,expressions and other important aspects of singing .All the participants were eager to emerge as victorious ,but it was Gurpreet Kaur of Nalanda House secured the first position , while Pratham Pratap Singh of Sanchi House stood second and the third position was taken away by Nandini Gouda of Nalanda House and Vaishanvi Jaishwal Takshashila House.

Interhouse Solo Classical Dance Competition

“Classical dance is the narration of a magical story ,that recites on the lives ,illuminates imagination and embraces the most sacred depth of soul.”
The school organized an Inter House Solo Classical Dance Competition on 7th July 2018,Saturday.All the four houses put their best foot forward to win laurels for their respective houses. There were two participants from each house.All the participants gave tough competition to each other.The performance was mesmerizing and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The first place was won by Maurvi Vohra of Nalanda House.The second place was won by Durva Vyas of Takshashila House &The third place was taken away by Devika Nair of Nalanda House .

Interhouse Complete the Poem Competition

“poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with truth.”
An inter-house Complete the poem’ competition was held at Hillwoods School, to give opportunity to the young poets to compose and represent their piece of art. This healthy competition gave the students an opportunity to discover there own hidden talents . The poems recited by the students were indeed mesmerizing, inspirational, deep and wonderful pieces of creation. The first place was grabbed by [ Sanchi house]. The second place was won by :[ Ujjain house]. The third place was occupied by two poets:[ Sanchi house]&[ Ujjain house]

Interhouse Weave a Tale Competition

“Story telling is the most influential way to put ideas into the world today.”
Hillwoods School organized the Inter House Weave –a-Tale competition on 29th June, 2018 , Friday for classes 6th to 8th , to foster creativity and a sense of literary expression. The audience’s response and the participants’ dedication was plausible. Not all stories started with an ‘Once Upon a Time’ and end with a ‘Happily- Ever- After’. The contestants held up their own heads , and stood out with their stories. Many of the stories left an imprint on the listeners. The first place was grabbed by [Sanchi house]. The second place was won by :[Ujjain house] & [Takshashila house]. The third place was occupied by participants from [Sanchi house]& [Nalanda house].

Summer Sports Camp

Summer Sports Camp was conducted at Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar for about 10 days from May 07, 2018 to May 17, 2018. Children got specialized training in games like football, basketball, cricket, handball and throwball from expert coaches

The first day of kindergarten!!!

Ahh……. The first day of kindergarten! It’s such an exciting day!
As kids were new and the classroom, teachers were also new for them, so kids were made comfortable, by familiarizing them with the school and their classmates. The teacher played games, told stories and rhymes so that children were at ease. Teacher’s taught them about discipline, friendship etc.
Nursery teacher welcomed their kids by giving colorful stars. Kids enthusiastically participated in the first activity of this session. K.G. class teachers and kids made birds beak with colorful origami sheets. They gave the name to the birds “ quack quack friend”. Kids were looking very happy with their hand puppets.

Science Quiz Competition

EDWARD TELLER once said –
“ The Science of today is the technology for tomorrow “

With the advancement of technology the world is changing at an amazing speed .Realizing the importance of science and technology,Hillwoods Gandhinagar organized an Inter-House Science Quiz Competition on 4th May 2018(Friday)in the school auditorium for classes IX-XII.Students participated exuberantly and performed their best.But as the rule goes there can be only one winner in any competition,so the first position was bagged by NALANDA HOUSE where as UJJAIN HOUSE remained in second position.
“It is necessary to remain humble in victory and gracious in defeat.”
The quiz concluded with an encouraging speech by the head mistress and loud applaud by children.

Interhouse Heritage Quiz

“A nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Heritage is what we inherit from our ancestors. Keeping this in mind an INTER –HOUSE HERITAGE QUIZ COMPETITION was conducted in school auditorium on Friday 4th May for classes VI-VIII. The quiz was organized to provide a medium for students to understand the importance their roots, promote cultural diversity and to let them face each other off with head scratching questions. The winner house(Sanchi) had taken a lead from the first round and maintained it till the end and remained the undisputed winner.
“You don’t stumble upon your heritage, it is there,just waiting to be explored.”
It remained a memorable day for all the Hillwoodians as the other teams will have to wait for one more year to prove their knowledge about their culture and heritage.


“Work is not man’s punishment . It is a reward and his strength and his pleasure”
‘World Labour Day’ is also referred to as May Day, which is a celebration of labour and working class that is promoted by International Labour Movement which occurs every year on 1st day of the fifth month. We at Hillwoods feel so glad and happy that we succeeded in bringing smiles on the faces of so many people who lend their services every day to make our lives better. The students of Community Service Club of the school made a little effort in this regard by presenting them with beautiful cards and thank you messages for their mountain of efforts every day without any expectations. We consider them as rains which blossom the flowers, no matter how many the hours .

Community Day Celebration (ATL)

On account of Dr.Ambedkar Jayanti Community day was celebrated on 14th April .We had 45 students from different schools like D.P.S ,Gurukul, Mt. Carmel, SSV, Prerna Vidyalaya. The session in the ATL begin from 7:30 am till 12:00 pm. It was carried out in two parts. First session was conducted by Apoorva and Dhoop of class X .These students of our school taught the non ATL students how to make Water booster rockets.Second session was conducted by Daksh and Harshvardhan of class X ,they taught how to use Aurdino and sensors like PIR,etc. Students enjoyed seeing the Drone flying in the ATL and the line following robot moving in the mat…At the end students were in the football ground to launch their water booster rockets. Students of the community who visited our lab were very happy and their testimonies were recorded and uploaded in the facebook page “Hillwoods School ATL”.

Origami and Mask Making Activity

Origami and Mask Makingactivity was conducted on May 04, 2018. Students of class I and II participated in Origami Activity, while students of Class III to V participated in mask making activity. Children were quite enthusiastics about doing these activities and also brought the required materials for the same. Children were guided by the Art & Craft teacher. Children not only learnt about Art N Craft, but also how to manage their time and how to clean their place & get started with their routine work without wasting any time. Thus the new academic session stated with colorful activity.

Table Manners Activity

Table Manners Activity was held on April 27, 2017 for Primary section. Children were taught the importance of the table manners and etiquettes, one should inculcate in their growing years. Children were asked to bring a table mat, a fork, a spoon , a plate and a paper napkin. Also they were asked to bring fruit salad/vagetable salad and learn table manners with it. Children participated very well in this activity and learnt the table manners joyfully.

First House Meeting (2018-19)

The first house meeting of the session 2018-19 was held on 20 April 2018(Friday) during morning hours with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. All the houses Nalanda, Ujjain, Takshishila and Sanchi had assembled in their allotted venues for the meeting. Students of classes 6-10 were part of the most awaited event of the session. Each house discussed about the events of this year which they will be participating in and thus, names of the volunteer candidates were taken . Also, the most awaited envelope is yet to be opened about the newly appointed house-in-charges and the council members. The first house meeting of the session went pretty well and was very productive.