Pre-primary Activities (August)
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Paper Tearing Activity
Tearing and pasting is an interesting art form and it encourages the children to use the paper and glue constructively. Keeping this in mind we organized a paper tearing activity for nursery children on 3rd Aug , 2018. A picture of butterfly was given to the kids and they used colourful papers to complete it. Children pasted small pieces of coloured sheets. It was indeed a treat for the children to use their originality and creativity through different colour schemes. Tearing and pasting activity help the children to develop and strengthen their fine motor skills and hand coordination. Children actively participated and enjoyed activity to the fullest.
Janmashtami Celebration
Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp and festivity by tiny tots of the preprimary section. Dressed as Radha – Krishna they gave a traditional touch to the entire celebration. The cute Radha - Krishna danced to the beats of Janmashtami songs filling the air with joy & festive sprit. Nursery kids filled beautiful colours in “Dahi- Handi” and KG kids made attractive crown for themselves.
Rakhi making
Raksha Bandhan is an ancient Indian festival. It celebrates the bond of love and affection between sister and brother. Rakhi making activity was conducted on 20/08/2018 (Monday) Children participated in the activity with great enthusiasm and made beautiful rakhi using colourful thread and glitter sheet. The Fish shape & Smiley flower Shapes Rakhies were made by pre-primary children looked so attractive.
Tri colour cap
To mark Independence Day celebration and to inculcate sense of patriotism in kids tri colour caps were made by kids with the help of the teacher on 10th Aug’18. Whole hearted participation by kids and enthusiasm displayed was really heartening. Paper , ribbon and coloured cutting were used in the activity.
Thread Painting
Kids can make unique work of art by dipping string into paint and making pulled string art. Thread painting! This is a process art activity for kids that are sure to be colorful and fun, as well as provide lots and lots of focus on the process! KG children made tricolor card with the help of thread painting The best part about string painting is watching the expressions on the children's faces as they were painting. It is priceless!
Vegetable Basket
To enhance the colouring skills, kids were given the picture of a vegetable basket to fill colors in different vegetables. Teacher taught children the names &colours of vegetables. Kids filled the colours in the picture of the vegetables and spoke about their favourite vegetables.
Talk about your favourite fruit or vegetable
To create and educate the tiny tots the importance and consumption of fruits and vegetables in regular diet, ‘Talk about your favourite fruit or vegetable' topic was chosen. By this activity the young stars have learned more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of different fruits and vegetables. They have used props as well as wore the costume of their favourite fruit to add a charm on the activity.