Pre-primary Activities (July)
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Umbrella Making Activity
Monsoon Time! Time to use umbrellas and raincoats to shield yourself��!! With this slogan teacher taught kids to make umbrella. Children beautifully filled the different colors in umbrella. To give the Raindrop look they put blue finger print impression on their umbrellas. This activity helped to improve their fine motor skills.
Fish Aquarium
Children love colorful fish. Fish Aquarium making activity made children very happy. Teacher gave them cut outs of a pot, different shapes of fish, stars, sand paper and grass and asked them to paste. Kids beautifully and with great interest pasted the cut outs. Kids were very happy to see their own creation.
Rain Dance Party
Rain Dance was great fully celebrated with the tiny tots. During this activity children colored the picture related to monsoon and then they were taken to the auditorium for the rhythmic dance. With great joy they experienced the happiness of splashing about in the puddles, and the artificial rain produced by the sprinklers. The multi hued raincoats, umbrellas, smiling faces and bright eyes of the children infused the atmosphere with energy and fun.
Rainbow Making Activity
After the Rain Dance Party making rainbow �The 7 band coloured arc� made the children very excited. The band pattern �VIBBGYOR� filled their day with colours. First , the children were given the cut out of the clouds and they filled it up with blue colour. Then the pasting work of cotton on the clouds was done.
Hand Painting Activity
A "Hand Painting" activity was conducted for Nursery on Friday 6th July 2018 . Children enthusiastically participated in the activity. They enthusiastically dipped their palm in the Colour and printed the impression of hen on the paper. This activity not only helped the children to improve their motor skills , but also helped to enhance their concentration .
Water Splash Activity
�SPLASH ,SPLASH EVERYWHERE PUDDLES OF WATER HERE AND THERE� Water play is an inevitable part of pre-school curriculum as it helps in gross motor development, eye hand co-ordination and also helps in vocabulary development. The little ones of Nursery welcomed the showers of rain with their first pool activity On 13.07.18. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colorful dress the children thoroughly enjoyed the splash pool activity, jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends and playing with floating toys.
Tulip Flower making Activity
"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." "Happiness held is the seed ; Happiness shared is the flower." Keeping this in our mind we organized a tulip flower making activity on 20th July , 2018 with Nursery kids. Children were very happy and eager to learn.
Cloud making Activity
To welcome the Monsoon season, cloud making activity was conducted by kids of Nursery and KG class. Kids were provided cloud figures, which they painted with blue colour. They also pasted colourful droplets on the ribbon depicting rains from the cloud. Teacher taught them about monsoon season during this activity. Kids participated enthusiastically in the activity.