Pre-primary Activities (June)
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Welcome Activity
It was lovely to see all the children after a long summer vacations. Teachers welcomed kids with an interesting activity i.e. �Making of Butterfly� Children enjoyed finger dabbing and coloured butterfly feathers. This activity helped kids to develop their motor skills. The tiny �tots were looking very happy and excited.
Colouring Activity
�We can learn a lot from crayons ; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull while others are bright. Some have weird names, but they have learned to live together in the same box.� To spread the brightness of colours, the colouring activity was conducted on 22nd of June,2018 by nursery students. The little ones enjoyed this colouring activity where they were able to showcase their imagination, could make choice of colours and exhibit their creativity. Each and every child participated passionately in the activity.
Bookmark Activity
A good book mark can be invaluable, saving your precious time thumbing through the pages to find your place. Therefore a book mark making activity was conducted on Friday(29th June) .Children prepared beautiful bookmarks using blue and pink coloured sheet . Kids made bunny rabbit Book mark with the help of teacher kids helped the teacher in pasting eyes and ears of bunny rabbit. All the students enjoyed the activity and learnt the use of bookmark.
Paper Crumpling Activity
Tearing papers into small pieces and making tiny balls out of it was a great fun for the tiny tots of class KG. Kids enjoyed this activity a lot. They used colorful kite paper to do the crumpling. First kids colored the picture of Ice Cream Candies with three different colors and then pasted the tiny balls on it. Tiny tots have carefully and neatly done it. This activity boosted up their Finger�Eyes Co�ordination skill.