Trip to Madhur Dairy

An educational trip to Madhur Dairy was conducted on 1st November 2018. Students of Ist standard were taken to the dairy in the morning hours. The staff at the dairy welcomed children and took them around the different milk processing units. First the children were shown the collection of milk from villages in big containers. Subsequently they were shown and made to understand how milk is strained in a mass scale. Further the children were taken to the unit where the weighing and packaging took place. At the end, the children were privileged to see the butter and ghee manufacturing units. Children were excited to walk through the cold storage area of the dairy. On their way back, as a good will gesture,the officials were kind enough to provide children with a glass of Madhur flavoured milk. The entire trip was 2 hours of duration. The visit was fruitful and successful.

Visit to Post Office

An educational trip to Post office was organized on 30th October 2018 for 2nd standard students. Students along with their teachers reached the post office at 10.15am. There they visited different sections of the post office. A post office official explained them various functions of the post office as well as the utilities of post card, envelops, postage stamps and revenue stamps. Children interacted with her and gained knowledge about the same. Teachers organized an activity there only by purchasing post card for every student and told them to write Diwali wishes to their parents .Teachers wrote addresses on those and the students dropped those cards in the letter box. They were excited and took a great interest in doing that. After all, this visit was informative and fruitful.

Visit to Mahatma Mandir

Students of standard 3 went to Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar for an educational trip on 31st October 2018. The purpose of the visit was to acquaint the students with the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and also let them get inspiration from the life of Gandhiji. Mahatma Mandir is a memorial dedicated to Gandhiji. There is a dome structure with a museum, library and research centre. There is also a sculptor garden depicting the life of Gandhiji. The experience was very interactive. The children interacted with the experts at the museum. They enjoyed learning about Gandhiji’s life and philosophy in a new learning environment. Children spent the day chatting and enjoying with each other. They were very enthusiastic about sharing their experience with each other. Children also enjoyed the bus journey. The visit to Mahatma Mandir was truly rewarding as students enjoyed and learned every bit of their trip.

Visit to Sarbhara Food & Beverages LLP

Management is all about practical implications of the theoretical concepts. In lieu of this, students are required to have industrial visits besides their classes in order to have a thorough understanding of the industrial modus-operandi. With this objective in mind, an industrial visit was organized by Hillwoods School on May 09, 2018 to SARBHARA FOOD & BEVERAGES LLP at Kadi, Mehsana,Gujarat. It is leading coldrink producing plant. They are producing different flavors’ of coldrink like Jeera, Mango, Lemon, Orange etc. The visit was planned for the students of class XII (Commerce) accompanied by two teachers Ms. Khushbu Shah and Ms Ekta Ahmed. In the organization, students visited production department, where they saw new technologies and Machinaries used for the production work. Students took observations for their project work by asking questions to the workers and production manager. Mr. Saurabh Shah (M.D.) interacted with the students and made them aware about different marketing strategies used in the market. The industrial visit to SARBHARA was an enriching experience for students in getting live exposure of working of manufacturing company which can help them in their project and further career enhancements.

Visit to Rahelba Old Age Home

"Without Community Service, we would not have a strong quality of life".
As rightly quoted by Buddha.... "Set yout heart on doing good, Do it over & over again, & you will be filled with joy". The students of Hillwoods School proved it by visiting Rahelba Old Age Home along with teachers on April 28, 2018. The motto of the school , "Go out to serve your countrymen" was aptly followed to its full potential. The students presented the inmates with gifts and served them with a lunch.To bid them farewell, was a very empotional and heart rending affair.

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