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NITI Aayog�s Atal Innovation Mission launched the Atal Tinkering Lab�s Community Day celebration month from 9th April,2019 to 24th April,2019. Hillwoods school organised the ATL Community Day on 22nd, April,2019.Students participated from different schools like DPS Gandhinagar , Shree Swaminarayan Public school . The Atal Tinkering Lab Community Drive Initiative is aimed at maximizing the impact of Atal Tinkering Labs by extending innovation to children in the community who do not have access to tinkering Labs. The purpose of this initiative is to provide these children with the same educational tools as the students in Atal Tinkering Labs to enable them to become problem solvers. The session consisted of enlightening the students with the idea of Design thinking,followed by visit to the ATL lab where students interacted with the innovator�s of Hillwoods school and display of their projects.Two activities were conducted . In the Newspaper bridge Activity students used there creativity to make the strongest and the tallest possible structure by paper folding method and using the concepts of physics.DIY kits where provided to students to make the interesting prototypes.. Students enjoyed the session and where thrilled to visit again with their own innovative ideas to the ATL lab.