National Sports Day (Celebrations)
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�Sports is the art of being disciplined and achieving success.�
The National Sports Day is celebrated in India to pay a tribute to the honourable coach of the National Hockey Team, Mr. Dhyanchand(Major), who won three medals in 1928, 1932,1933, thus achieving a hatrick of medals; totally to 400 medals. The National Sports Day was celebrated at Hillwoods School with great enthusiasm. It started with the students of classes 4th to 8th being called on the ground for Mass, Drill. The students performed warming exercises followed by yogasanas. Students of classes 9th to 12th participated in the Mini Marathon which was organized for them. Different sports activities like Kho-kho, Kabbadi, Basketball, and Football are organized for classes 6th to 8th. All these activities were followed by the students gathering in the auditorium for the launch of the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT inaugurated by honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The day ended with a Pledge to make ourselves fit and the entire India fit.