The regional dance competition was held on 20th August 2010 and dances included were Goan, Bharatnatyam, Bengali, Garba, Naga, Rajasthani & Bhangra. The winner house was Sachi House & the runner –up was Ujjain house.


The Quiz competition was held on 13th August 2010. There were two categories from std. VI to VIII and IX to XII. Four students from each group were selected. Children participated with great enthusiasm and proved their knowledge on freedom movement of the country


The Inter-house Patriotic song competition was held on 12th August’10. Students from various houses from class I to V were selected and a group of 10 students of each house were finally selected and performed.
The songs presented were – Nalanda House (Hind desh ke niwasi…), Ujjain House (Yeh desh hai veer jawano ka …), Takshshila House (Takat watan ki hum se hai…), Sanchi House (Hai preet jahan ki reet …).
Takshshila House stood first and Sanch was adjudged second. Principal mam graced the occasion and appreciated the effort put in by all and also the decoration and presentation.
The competition was a success and everything happened smoothly.


Inert-house English recitation competition was held on 23rd July in the 6th and 7th period in the auditorium, time was postponed from 0 period because of rain.
It was conducted with three groups. Group A (class VI and VII), Group B (class VIII and IX), Group C (class X, XI and XII). Children recited the poems by giving an introduction to the poem and the poet. Mike system was good and the programme was conducted smoothly.
Prizes were given (certificates) to the winners. In group A there were 3 winners and in group B and C there were 2 winners each.
Discipline was good, but there is further scope of improvement in this area.


Inter-house table tennis competition was conducted as per schedule i.e., on 10th and 17th July 2010. Competition was divided into three groups. Four students from each house took part. If communication and coordination is maintained then selection of students could have been much better and they could have got time to practice.


It was conducted in three categories. Group A (clas VI and VII), Group B (class VIII and IX) and Group C (class (X, XI, XII). It was conducted in zero period in the class. Excellent presentation of posters and slogans were done by children. Winners were given certificates.


Topics for Debate were -
Group ‘A’ Class VI ti VIII : School bags should be removed
Group ‘B’ Class IX & X : CCE is an exact analysis of your academic and non-academic performance.
Group ‘C’ Class XI & XII : ‘Unity in Diversity’ in India is a myth.
It was conducted in the auditorium in the zero and 1st period. Children participated house-wise and with full enthusiasm. There were 24 speakers. Best speakers were selected and certificates were given to the winners.
Children can be taught to have a better body language as well as stand and position themselves on the stage.


On 1st July 2010 an Inter-House drawing and painting competition was organised. The students participated and response was overwhelming. They were at their creative best which was evident from their drawings and paintings. This competition was judged by a panel of teachers which was headed by Principal mam’. Three students were selected from group ‘A’ (Class I & II) and three students from group ‘B’ (Class III, IV & V).


This activity was grouped under 3 categories, Classes VI & VII; Classes VII, IX & X and Classes XI & XII. All the children partociopated in the writing competition. The topics were – My secret desire, Are Gandhiman values relevant in todays world? And Does Indian cinema reflect today’s society respectively. The topic was announced in the class on the spot and class teachers picked up the least two writings from each house. It was then again judged by English teachers of different segments.
In the first two categories Sanchi House was the winner and in the senior most category Takshshila House was the winner. From each category these position holders were given certificates.


Inter-House Hindi recitation was grouped under two categories:
Group ‘A’ - Class VI to VIII
Group ‘B’ - Class IX, X & XII
It was conducted in the zero period in the auditorium. From each house one student was selected for each category.Nalanda house was winner in both the categories.
Certificates were given to the winners.


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