Orientation Programme - PrePrimary

An Orientation Programme was conducted on Mar 18, 2014. There were two sessions of this Orientation Programme. First session was from 8.30 a.m. for parents of students being promoted from Nursey to KG. The second session was from 10.00 a.m. for those promoted to Class I.
The Orientation was chaired by honourable Vice Principal Ms. Sujata Tandon ably supported by Head Mistress Ms. Sunita Shegal and Academic Head Ms. Sangeeta Sinha. These Orientation sessions were aimed at helping the young children adjust to the new world and for parents to get familiarized with the curriculum.
Madam Sujata Tandon shared the practices and philosophy of Hillwoods School with the parents. Hillwoods school believes that children maximize on their untapped potential and are more regular to school when their parents are involved in their education process. It also encourages students to demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour. A good parent teacher co-ordination will encourage the students to bring out their "latent talents" and also inculcate discipline in them.
The Acadademic Head, Ms. Sangeeta Sinha briefed parents on the importance of the early years and sensitive role of parents and teachers. She also emphasized on fostering child's learning through joint efforts of parents & teachers at the school. The teacher briefed the parents on the syllabus and various activities , photographs of previous sessions and cultural activities.
A similar orientation program was also conducted for the parents and students who got promoted from KG to Class-I. It began with the Lighting of a lamp by Honourable Vice Principal, Head Mistress madam and Academic Head. Here the change in the School timing for Class-I was highlighted and essential information and academic details for new session were also provided.
After the end of the Orientation programme, Graduation Ceremony was held where in students promoted to Class-I were given Graduation Caps & Report Cards. Thereafter an exhibition on Childrens Workshop was thrown open to the parents. The orientation programme laid the foundation for a good parent-teacher relationship which would further lead to regular interaction, mutual respect and clear cut understanding of what is best for each individual child. The programme was a curtain-raiser for the next academic session and received great accolades from the parents. The Head Mistress Madam, Ms. Sunita Sehgal emphasized on the importance of learning from failures. She said that the child should be given small house-hold chores and should be made to feel responsible. She laid the importance on discipline in everyday life and participating in sports as a good means of inculcating discipline in children.

Solar Water Heating System, Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation

"Every moment is a moment of discovery". With a motive to evolve new technology for energy conservation at a low input for welfare of community, PDPU Gandhinagar organized a "Energy Conservation Seminar" on Jan 25, 2014. Gaurav Chowda, Piyush Pandey, Divyang Thakker and Parth Pandya of Class XI represented Hilwoods School for the seminar.
The Seminar was divided into three phases. Phase one was educative, students were familiarized with the significance of using solar power as well as the technology and models of Solar water heating equipments which are already in use. In phase two, students were asked to make an innovative model based on the knowledge gained in phase one and their own innovative ideas. The third phase was interactive . Students presented the model prepared by the phase two. They explained the working and energy efficiency of the model and answered the questions put up by faculty and industrialists. Students' out of the box ideas, confidence and enthusiasm left the audience spellbound.

Picture Perfect

Student of class VIII-C, Saumya Brahmbhatt is participated in a photography exhibition held at Citypulse Art gallery, with other renowned photographers of the city. Being part of a photography group ”Barefoot Photowalkers”, Saumya has actively been shooting and documenting capital city Gandhinagar under the theme of 'Seen but Unexplored - Gandhinagar'. In an ongoing photography exhibition at City Pulse art gallery, three photographs shot by Saumya were selected for the group show which is on display from 25 Jan to February 14. The Exhibition is well covered by main stream media which includes Ahmedabad mirror (29 Jan, page 10) and Gandhinagar edition of Divya bhaskar (dated 30 Jan). Children University, Government of Gujarat has also encouraged Saumya by publishing a photograph shot by him in an interesting article on children education, the publication is named as “Balvishwa”.

English Poem Recitation

English Poem Recitation was held on 24-01-14. Students from all classes i.e. from class I-V participated in this activity. First round was held in the class and students were selected for the final round. They were prepared by their respective teachers. The children were very confident while reciting the poems. They recited poems based on Nature, Life, Mother, Mistake, etc. At last the winners were called on the stage and were appreciated for their performances. Other students were also encouraged to take part in the school. Overall the event was went off smoothly.

Bicycle Race

Little Angels of class Nursery bubbled with excitement when a bicycle race was announced in the class. They all narrated how they got their first bicycle. On 6 th Feb, 2014, the event was organized along with the sports teacher. Tiny tots participated with enthusiasm and each one of them tried to overtake the other to reach the end point first. All students enjoyed the event.

Drawing and Colouring Competition

A Drawing and Colouring Competition was conducted by the Indian Coast Gaurd in Jan 18, 2014. Students of numerous schools participated in the event as did our school children. Ms. Devanshi D. Oza of class VI-B won the Third prize. An on the shot General Knowledge Competition was also conducted by the forest department. Four of our children won prizes : Chimya Mehta (V-C), Devanshi Oza (VI-B), Piyal Banerjee (VI-A), Jugendra Singh (VIII-A). These children brough laurels to our school. However the icing on the cake was when the children were asked to voice their opinion about the significance of organizing such events and what they imbibed from it. Three of our school children shaared their thoughts in fluent english, thus enhancing the prestige and esteem of our prestigious institution. Everybody at the venue was all praise for the confidence exuded by our children as well as their command over english.

KG Activities (January 2014)

Night Sky Activity:
Children were explained the concept of Night. They were asked to colour a page with black crayon on which they stuck stickers of stars and a moon on it thus depicting the Night Sky.
Print Activity:
The teacher took a piece of string and dipped it into a colour. Then folded the page in to half and asked the children to place the string in whatever way they liked on a page and folded the other half with one hand they pressed the page and pulled at the string with other hand. When they opened the page, they were surprised to see the printing.
Thermocol Activity:
The teacher drew a flower with a smiley face in between in the activity book of children. Teacher spread glue on the flower and asked the children to stick thermocol balls on it. Children enjoyed it very much.

Kite Flying Competition

“The kites paint the sky with vivid colors and magnify the beauty of heaven, like ornaments on a bride on her wedding day” Makar Sankranti is believed traditionally to mark the arrival of spring in India and is considered as the ‘harvest festival’. Makar Sankranti, apart from a harvest festival is also regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase in Indian culture. It is said as the 'holy phase of transition'. All over the country, Makar Sankranti is observed with great fanfare. However, it is celebrated with distinct names and rituals in different parts of the country. This day also holds a historical and religious significance. As it is the festival of Sun God and he is regarded as the symbol divinity and wisdom, the festival also holds an eternal meaning to it. The pupil of Hillwoods School joined hands to celebrate the joyful occasion of Uttarayan, a festival which holds a high degree of eminence in Gujarat’s culture as well as a prominent role of India’s heritage on the international front. The activity was held on 13th January 2014, with classes 5th to 11th participating in it. The day was set up perfectly for kite flying as the wind blew at its fullest. Students participating were bestowed according to their respective houses; Nalanda, Ujjain, Takshashila and Sanchi. The winner was to be selected on the basis of highest number of kites cut by the houses. The school ground was full of enthusiastic ‘kite-flyers’ who battled fiercely to crown their house as the champions of kite flying. The activity took place under the watchful eyes of the Hillwoods staff which ensured that it was carried out in a safe and sound manner. Ujjain emerged as winners of the competition which was fought with real passion and sportsmanship. After conclusion of the activity, students boldly and responsibly performed their duty towards the school by making sure that the school ground remained spick and span.

Interview of Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty


Hillwoods School provided a golden opportunitiy to two students Sparsh Pathan and Megh Thakker by giving them a chance to interview one of the most prominent figure in cardiac surgery, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty. The interview was organised by NIE - Newspaper in Education, a TOI extension on 17 December, 2013 at St. Laurn Hotel, Ahmedabad. For the event, 20 students were there for which special training was provided two days before the interview, so that students could enhance their journalism skills and confidence.
Dr. Shetty, founder of the famous Narayana Hridalaya chain of multi-speciality hospitals is the first person in Indian History to perform a neo-natal open heart surgery on a 9-day old boy, Rounil. He has done over 15000 surgeries and has also been the personal physician of Mother Teresa. He has been honoured with Padma Bhushan in 2012.
Students were delighted to meet him . He was polite, modest and his nature displayed that he has not let success take over him. He explained how motive and purpose play an important role in shaping success. He said that "The best thing about being a cardiac surgeon is that you literally touch people's heart and make people smile by curing their ailment. Talent, skill and ability are all secondary. It is passion that transforms an individual into a winner and passion comes only with a strong purpose". He also expressed his concerns over the increasing number of young heart patients and shared some golden rules for heart care. He said that one should not smoke or drink, avoid junk food and do regular exercise for healthy life. He also answered various questions posed by students and his answers reflected joy he got by helping the needy. He currently wishes to expand his chain of hospitals so that no patient feels helpless even in adverse conditions. It was once in a lifetime experience for the students.

Annual Function 2013-14

Hillwoods School reached another milestone in their glorious legacy as they celebrated their 7th Annual Function on Saturday, 14th December which was held in the school campus. Air Marshal R.K.Dhir,AVSM,VSM was the Chief Guest. Ms.Stuti Dixit and Mr.R.K.Mishra were guests of honour for the function.
To upload the rich traditional and heritage, the programme began with the auspicious lamp – lighting ceremony as a tribute to the goddess of knowledge – Ma Saraswati. The Principal of the school Mrs.Asha Chhiber present the Annual School Report to make the audience aware of the achievements of the school for session 2013 – 14.
The audience was taken through a cultural fiesta of dance, music and drama which was based on fairy tales, educative stories of Polti Baba and Riturang. The fairy tales filled the audience with excitement, enchantment and Imagination. The fantasy land of fairies and princess brought stories of Potli Baba which taught values that children depend on for solidarity, throughout their adult lives. The drama ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’ was presented by the senior students of Hillwoods School. It reflected the path we choose to travel defines who we are. The young actors spread the message that love and kindness can change a man. The theme of the Annual Function was based on ‘Seasons’, so, various seasons like Summer, monsoon, Autumn, Winter and Spring were depicted through different dance forms by the senior students of the School. The program kept the audience mesmerized and enthralled.
The much awaited event of the evening was the first copy presentation of school souvenir. The Chief Guest Air Marshal R.K.Dhir, AVSM, VSM, Guests of honour Ms.Stuti Dixit and Mr.R.K.Mishra, Ms.Asha Chhiber Principal,released the School Souvenir. He also addressed the august gathering with his encouraging and valuable words. He also appreciated students and teachers for their efforts in putting up a wonderful show.
The achievers and meritorious students were invited on the stage to receive prizes for showing excellence in academics, sports and co – curricular activities. They were further appreciated and encouraged by the guests and audience.
The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks given by the School Vice Principal Ms.Sujata Tandon who expressed her gratitude for everybody’s support and co – operation.

Celebrating the Joy of Giving

“There is not joy greater than the ability to bring a smile on someone face.”
The students of Eco- Social awareness Club took this one step further by celebrating the ‘ Joy Of Giving ‘. Students prepared a beautiful tree of wishes and placed it in deaf and Dumb School Campus . Children of that school attached leaflets with their wishes written on them to the wish tree. This tree was then brought back to our school and list of wishes of about 90 children was prepared . All students come forward to fulfill the wishes of these children. All the required articles for making their wishes true were bought from the market under the guidance of teachers. After this all articles were taken to the Deaf & Dumb School for distribution. Students ‘ hearts swelled up with joy when they saw children being very thankful after their wishes were fulfilled. Students of our school learnt a lesson of compassion which will go a long way in shaping their life in the years to come.

Quiz organized by Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India organized an interschool Quiz on 5th, 2013 to make school students aware of the financial growth of India over the years after independence.
Five teams, each comprising of two student from class IX to XII represented Hillwoods School. 100 teams from all over Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar participated in the first round of quiz. Out of these 100 teams six teams qualified for the final round. Master Paritosh Junare and Master Akash Jain of Hillwoods qualified first round to enter the final round. They stood 4th in the final round and were awarded prizes along with appreciation certificates.

Fancy Dress Competition of Pre–Primary

It is said that play activity and imitating comes naturally to children. This was proved came dressed as various characters ranging from mythological characters Duraga Maa, Hanuman, Krishna etc to modern characters such as Anna Hazare. Some of the children conveyed important messages such as “Save the girl child”, “Save Forests”, “Avoid Junk Foods”.

Children participated with much enthusiasm and enthralled everybody with their endearing acts.

Oral Hygiene Drive

“Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things.” Healthy teeth not only enable you to look good and feel good they also make it possible to eat and speak properly. To promote awareness regarding Oral Health and Hygiene among the students, a Dental Camp was organized by Dr. Tanya Vishal Jain (B.D.S). The check-up process included a small general Oral check-up and the students were briefed up on following topics:

  • Daily preventive Care
  • Proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Eating balanced diet
  • Importance of brushing twice a day

Blood Donation Camp

"Who understands the pain and sufferings of others and contributes without any consideration". With a view to educate the students in the field of serving the cause of humanity, Hillwoods School Gandhinagar organized the Blood Donation Camp in association with Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. and Red Cross Society on October 5, 2013 and Oct 19, 2013 respectively. All the students were briefed about the advantages of blood donation so that they can spread this message to the parents and relatives. Students were explained about the feeling of self satisfaction a blood donor gets after donating the blood. Dr. Neerav & Dr. Dilip Trivedi along with the help pf school management and teachers successfully helped in the donation process. Ms. Reeta Shrivastava, Principal, Hillwoods School also graced the occassion by her presence and ideas. Parents participated very enthusiastically for this great cause. They appreciated the efforts of the school and for spreading the message.

"Light up a life with the gift of your blood".

Anti-Cracker Rally

"Breadth in this clean air,
Behold the vast blue sea,
Nurture this beautiful land."

Many of us are very fond of these things. But are they going to last forever? At the rate, we are consuming them, or rather depleting them, the will not last long. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "There's enough for everyone's need, but not for even said one's greed".
Having this idea in their mind, students of Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar organised an Anti-Cracker Rally on 31 Oct, 2013. It has been kind a kind of tradition for them, as they organise it every year and have been spreading this message right from the inception of the School. The students made all the arrangements. They departed from school and reached Hi-Tech Hospital, Sector-3, Gandhinagar. From there, they started marching their way towards Pathikashram Bus Depot. Students shouted slogans, trying to enlighten the listeners. They shouted slogans like "Buying crackers is burning money","Save Earth, Save Yourself", etc. Many passersby watched them and stopped to look at them. They walked for around 2KM. After a stressful, yet joyful long trip, the rally came to a stop. The rally was very colorful due to different types of posters and banners made by the students.
At the end of the day, students had a good feeling for being part of a genuine cause. And if even one person gets enlightened due to this rally, all the hard work would pay off. In the end, we can just say that
"People dream, people believe,
People shout, people listen,
But the people who Do,
Are the real achievers."

Diya Making (Preprimary)

Children are very fond of bursting crackers, and as such await the arrival of diwali and enjoy the festival. Children have very strong sense of their favourite colour and the teacher gave them full freedom to colour the diyas in their choicest colours. There was pride in their eyes on completion of their artistic task and they showed off their colourful bright diyas. The teacher explains that diya lighting is an important aspect of diwali since it is a festival of lights and as such she will them to add their creativity to this year diwali celebrations by helping them to colour the diyas.

Navratri Celebrations (Pre-primary)

Pre-primary children celebrated Navratri festival on 10th Oct, 2013 at the auditorium. Children looked resplendant and colourful in their traditional attire. Children danced to the music and rhythm of Garba/ Dandiya and enjoyed this colorful festival very much.

Pre-primary Activities (September)

Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was held on 13-09-13 for pre-primary students.
Straw Activity was organised for KG Children on 06-09-13
KG Children also had Monkey Face Mask activity on 23-09-13

Kalakriti 2013

Hillwoods School organized the annual inter school competition 'Kalakriti' on 31st August, 2013 to lend an impetus to the creative potential and latent talent of student in the field of art and craft as 'kalakriti' itself originally mean the art of creativity and performing art. Various schools of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar participated in this event with great enthusiasm . The program started with all the guests and judges lighting the lamp with Ganesh Vandana sung by school choir in the background. The festival included nine events ranging from art && craft to performing art. Following events were organised under kalakriti competition:

  • Kaleidoscope a drawing and painting competition
  • Origami, the japanese art of paper folding
  • Mask making based on mysterious imaginations
  • Canvas Shoe painting to give shoesa fascinating look
  • Rangoli, the traditional art of expression
  • Instrumental music competition
  • Classical Solo dance competition
  • Hindi debate to inculcate confidence in conduct of speech
The judges had a tough time in deciding the winners in each category. Nevertheless prizes were given by guests and judges to all the winners. The running trophy, 'Chal Vijayanti Trophy' was won by St.Kabir (D.I old) school.

Students Achievements

Students of various classes participated in a number of Interschool Competitions held in and around Gandhinagar and brough laurels to the school. On 16th Aug' 13 two students of our school, Yogesh Mann and Deep Shta of class XII participated in 'Road Safety Quiz' organized by South Western in command and secured third position. Bharat Vikas Parishad organized Inter School music competition at Town Hall, Gandhinagar in which eminent schools of Gandhinagar participated. The competition was held in two categories - Juniors and Seniors. Hillwoods school secured second position in the Senior category. On the spot essay writing competition was organized by BVP on the topic ' Suggestions for eco-friendly celebration of festivals'. Both first and second positions were secured by Ms. Saumya & Ms. Netra of our School.

Fancy Dress Competition (Class - III)

Fancy Dress Competition of class III was held on 22-08-13. The participants participated with great enthusiasm. The characters to be played for fancy dress competiton were like Plastic, Junk Food, Monster, Save Girl Child, Earth, Computer, T.V., Sun, etc. More and more children were encouraged to participate in the activity. The winners were annouced by the judges and congratulated. Other participants wre also appreciated and encouraged. Overall the competition was a great success.

Independence Day Celebrations

15th August, on the occassion of the 67th Independence Day, our school had a successful function to remember and pay tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lines for the freedom of our country. Honourable Mr. R.K. Mishra hoisted the National Flag which was followed by singing of the National Anthem. The cultural programme was conducted in the school auditorium. The great patriotic song 'Aaj vishwa naye vichar chahiye' was sung beautifully by the school choir followed by the motivating speech given by Mr. Vishrut Shah of class XI. He mainly pointed out at brain drain from the country. Then, there were two patriotic songs : 'De di humain azadi bina' and 'Aao baccho tumhe dikhayein jhanki hindustan ki' , etc by the juniors of the school. With those beautiful and melodious songs, we moved on to the hindi speech given by Ms. Viona Chaudhary of class V. Her speech left everyone spellbound. The speech was followed by two graceful regional dances which represented the western and eastern cultures of our country. Then honourable, Mishra Sir gave his precious words of wisdom on this occassion. He addressed parents, teachers and students and guided all of them to have a focussed approach in all spheres of life. Last but not the least, Mrs. Iyer proposed a vote of thanks.

Techno Fest 2013-14

Mighty 'Technofest', the techno savy competition was conducted by Hillwoods School Gandhinagar on 27th July, 2013. The competition also promoted social awareness and was a massive hit. Various schools from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar participated in the competition.
The first event, that is 'Cyber World' consisted of three categories. With the topic 'Animation', students from various schools left people stunned in Group A. We took a ride in the world of touch-screen technology. The second event "Science: A way of Life" also comprised of three groups. Group A, with the topic "Magic of Science" presented magical models. Group B, i.e. "Biomes of the world" also sparkled. "Application of technology or Robotics" was the topic for Group C. From vanishing water to time machines, Event 2 left everyone amazed. In Event 3, "Magical Mathematicians", the complicated world of Maths was well explored. With great efforts put in, the mind boggling trignometric calculatations, graphs and mathematical models won over the judges. Last but not the least, Event 4, the star attraction of Technofest 2013 focussed on Social Awareness.Talent was showcased beautifully and the event presented was an experience undefinable. The very interesting topic "Impact of Social Networking" was showcased in a very attractive manner.
"All is well that ends well". With a day full of spirit and enthusiasm, an esteemed array of judges, words of wisdom and a day to remember, Hillwoods at last bid adieu to Technofest 2013.

English Recitation Competition (Pre-primary)

On August 1, 2013, Pre-primary section organised English Recitation Competition. Children participated with a lot of enthusiasm. They came up with new rhymes and props and recited their poems with confidence.

Maths & Science Exhibition (Seniors)

To ignite yound minds, Hillwoods School Gandhinagar organised Maths and Science Exhibition on July 20, 2013 for the students of class VI to X. Students participated enthusiastically and exhibited models on topics like Vedic Maths, Platonic Solid, and Mathematical Models for crop production in Maths and topics like Magic in Science, Biomes and Application of Technology / Robotics, working models of Solar Heater, Biogas Plant, Alternative sources of energy, Submarine, etc in science. Parents were also very excited after interacting with young budding scientists and appreciated the efforts of our students.

Making a Cap Activity

'Making a Cap' activity was organised for nursery kids on 26/07/13. Different types of caps were made for kids. All the kids looked very pretty in colorful and decorated caps. Children really enjoyed this activity.


'Van Mahotsav' festival was celebrated in our school on 24/07/13 to make our earth greener and beautiful. To celebrate it, Mr. Shashank Dubey, renowned representative of NIE, an educational initiative by the Times of India joined us. He motivated the students to plant more trees. He compared the two cities Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar and explained to students how more trees in Gandhinagar leads to more green and fresh environment. He explained that the recent Uttarakhand Disaster could have been prevented if there were more forest cover to stop the erosion and washing away of the upper layer of the soil. He also gifted the school a DVD to watch 'The Inconvenient Truth', a movie which is based on environmental hazards. HE told that the trees are not for our benefits alone but also for the benefit of our future generations, so that they get oxygen and continue to live on this planet. Later all the students platend saplings of various types.


The Interhouse Regional Dance Competition was held on 19-07-2013. Each of the houses were provided with different regions and time allotted was 5-7 minutes. All the participants took active interest and involved themselves with complete zest and enthusiasm. Sanchi house opened up the show with traditional "Bharat Natyam' followed up with a regional dance of South 'Kalsala' and tollywood number. Ujjain house was the next to follow up with on Odisha regional dance "Rangbati'. Thirdly, Takshashila house gave a welaccounted demo of the country famous 'Kathak' followed up by traditional "Bhangra Dance". In the end, Nalanda house came up with a Maharashtrian "Lavni Dance" followed up by "Gujarati Garba Dance".


Poster Making Competition was held on 19-07-2013 for classes (I-V). All the students made beautifult posters based on the topics given to them like 'Save Wild Life", "Go Green", "My Favourite Cartoon", "National Integrity", and "Donate Blood". Slogans were also written by the students along with the posters.


The Interhouse Extempore Competition was held on July 12, 2013. An interesting array of topics were given to the students on the spot and the participants brought out their best. Topics like 'Being a better person', Laughter the best medicine', 'Joy of giving', 'Garbage gone wild', etc were instant hit as they brought ideas regarding social responsibilities and fluency of thought. The speech of the winners was appreciated by one and all.


Fancy Dress Competition was held on July 12, 2013, for children of class I. Ten students from each section participated in the competition. Messages related to their characters were also given like "Save Water", "Grow more and more Trees", "Throw little in dustbin", "Save Girl child", etc. Each child was excited to perform on the stage. Efforts of children were appreciiated.


On July 12, 2013, Birthday Cake Activity was organised for Nursery kids. They all came in colorful party dress with cakes, cookies and pastries in their tiffins. Children were given an outline picture of Birthday Cake which they coloured beautifully as per their imagination. Children enjoyed the day filled with fun and frolic.


On July 12, 2013, Button Activity was performed for Senior KG Students. Childrens coloured the figure of an Bear and stuck the Buttons on the bear as its ears, hands and legs. They learned the concept of small and big by sticking buttons of different sizes. It also helped children in developing concentration and hand-eye co-ordination.


The Maths & Science Exhibition was held on 6 th July, 2013 for classes I to V. Students participated enthusiastically and explained their respective models to the judges and parents confidently. Students made charts & built models on various topics like Traffic Rules, Irrigation Methods, Types of Houses, Optical Illusions, Solar System, etc in Science and on topics like Addition & Subtraction, 2D and 3D Shapes, Fun with Numbers, Mathematical Puzzles, etc in Mathematics. They also spread awareness on environment protection, preventing pollution and saving water. An Art gallery was also set up displaying the masterpieces of our little artists of class Nursery and KG. Judges and parents praised the efforts of students in exhibition.


KG Students were taught to make table mats on 05-07-13. In this activity, the teacher drew pictures of various fruits and vegetables on a thick drawing sheet which was coloured by students and then laminated for use as table mats. It was not just fun activity, but it also taught the students good table manners.


One more step towards excellence and creativity was that students of class VI to XII were given one more platform to showcase their imagination skills by organizing "Poster Making Competition" on friday i.e. July 05, 2013. For this students were divided into four categories with different topics like : "Chewing tobacco is injurious to health" for class VI-VII, "Say no to crackers" for class VIII-IX, "Poster design on Compassion" for class X and "Poster design for any educational institute" for class XI-XII. Mass participation was observed inside the classes. It gave a chance to all the students to showcase their creativity.


"Show and Tell" activity was organised on 05-07-13 for nursery children and along with it Red color day was celebrated. All the children came in beautiful red color dresses with red color food items in their tiffins like apple, pomegranate, sauce sandwitch, tomato salad, etc. For Show and Tell activity, children brought objects like spiderman, butterfly, teddy bear, cars, puppy, fruits, pen, torch, nail cutter, etc. The main attraction of this activity was to make the students speak one or two sentences based on the object they brought. All the children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm and the way they spoke with confidence was really commendable.


"Best out of waste" competition was held on 05-07-13. All the children from each class participated in this competition with great enthusiasm. They made different things with materials like sand, ice-cream sticks, paper, thermocol sticks, used cards, etc. Childrens made utility items from waste materials and learnt the importance of recycling material.


We are proud to announce that Master "Kaizer", a student of class X of Hillwood School, Gandhinagar has secured second rank all over the world. His design has been selected by M.A.V.E.N (Mars Atmosphere & Volatile Evolution). He has got an opportunity to visit N.A.S.A (National Aeronautics Space Administrations) Johnson Space Center to work as a junior mission controlling chief executive for handling students between the age group of 14-19 years.


Interhouse Sanskrit Shloka Competition was held in the school on 28.06.2013. Participants had to recite shlokas from the 'Bhagwat Gita' and explain the meaning in English. It helped students in understanding the essence of Gita, that is Karma should be performed wholeheartedly.
The competition was grouped into three categories and the three participants from each of the four houses took part. The competition was judged by Ms. Sangeeta Gupta and Ms. Meera Hariharan. The event was a great success. Students enjoyed it thoroughly and at the same time gained wisdom.


Considering a special day i.e the last working day before summer vaction, a yellow day activity was planned for nursery kids. Children came in yellow color dress. The pictures of Sun and Mango were tagged on their dresses with warm wishes for them. All children were looking very beautiful and they enjoyed it.


The Paper Folding Activity was carried out by KG Students on 26th April 2013. Children made a crocodile by folding paper and coloured it. They also made eyes for crocodile. They learnt that crocodile is a water animal.


An outdoor activity - Clean the Surrounding was undertaken by KG Students on 19th April 2013. Children were taken to ground and explained the importance of cleanliness. Under the guidance of teacher, children picked up the toffee wraps and bits of papers and placed them into the dust bin. Children were very excited and they loved doing this activity.


An Interhouse quiz competition was held for juniors on 26-4-13. Children from different houses participated in this competition There wer two Rounds : Our Heritage Round and Visual Round. Each question was of one mark and there was no negative marking. All the participants were eager to answer the questions and they participated with great enthusiasm. Nalanda House won the quiz competition, followed by Ujjain and Takshshila House.


Water Splashing activity was organized for nursery students to give them some relief from sweating summers.
A big tub full of water was arranged for this activity. Children splashed the water in the tub. They also enjoyed splashing balls. Water animals like fish, turtle, crocodile, etc were also put in the water to make the activity more enjoyable. Colourful boats were also made to sail in the water tub. Children really enjoyed a lot.


‘A prefect is one who puts duty above self and ensures that the students observe all the rules of good conduct that makes a Hillwoodian stand out’.
Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar organized an investiture ceremony for seniors on 16 April, 2013 to select the prefectorial board. Ms. Rajmani, Ms. Smita kumar, Ms. Anupama Jha and Ms Minnati were appointed as the HeadMistress of Nalanda, Ujjain, Takshshila and Sanchi Houses respectively. Class XII students, Paritosh Junare and Komal Thakker were appointed as the School Vice Captain and Captain respectively.Varun Panjwani, Akanksha Jha, C. V. Meghna and Akash Jain were given the responsibility of maintaining discipline in the school. Abhinav Dutta and Rajbhoi were made the Graphics Heads. Rajas Gupta and Anusha Sinha were made the CCA Incharge for current academic session. Nisarg Mehta and Shubham Saxena were assigned the reponsibilites of Sports Vice-Captain and Captian respectively.The oath ceremony was conducted to solmenise the special occasion. Last year’s head boy and head girl urged the council members to work with determination, devotion and perseverance. The head of the institution blessed the newly appointed students’ council and inspired them to work incessantly to uphold the ideals of their alma mater.


The Investiture Ceremony, a very significant event for the school was conducted with full enthusiasm, on 19th April, 2013. Our respected Headmistress madam, Co-ordinator madam and Education head madam graced the occassion with thier presence. The student council members were honoured. They were very excited and also determined to fulfill their duties. The students are ready to work for the school with proper self discipline and dedication.It was a memorable event for all of us.


The Inter-house Cultural and Heritage Quiz Competition was held on 19 April, 2013.There were three rounds and from each house, three contestants participated enthusiastically. The results were as follows:
Ujjain Shaurya Sandoo
Sudeep Nair
Ayush Patel
First position with 35 points
Nalanda Paritosh Junare
Ratnesh Pratap
Sarthak Giri
Second position with 28 points
Takshshila Kaizar Gori
Animesh Awasthi
Stutui Lilani
Third position with 10 points
Sanchi Veera Vaghela
Het Trivedi
Praharsh Patel
Fourth position