KG Activities (September-October)

Following activities were conducted for nursery children in the month of August & September.

  • Palm Printing: KG Children had palm printing activity on 19-09-2014. Teacher coloured the palms pf the children ith yellow colour and took their palm print as well as finger print in this activity look. Children then made hen with palm prints and chicks were made with fingers.
  • Learning Principle's of Gandhiji : Principle's of Gandhiji becomes very relevant in todays world. Gandhiji taught us how to become good human beings by giving us simple mantra / preaching of "See no Evil, Speak no Evil, "Hear no Evil". This message was conveyed to children in a funfilled way by colouring three wise monkeys. A simple enactment was also done by students to reinforce Gandhiji's Principles
  • Paper Plate Activity: KG Children had paper plate activity on 10-10-2014. In keeping with the G. K. topic of the month, "Animals & National Symbols", a paper plate activity was done, where in children made tiger masks. It was also impressed upon the children that tiger is our national animal. Children enjoyed their masks and happily posed for the photographs.

KG Activities (August-September)

Following activities were conducted for nursery children in the month of August & September.

  • Spray Painting : Spray painting activity was conducted for KG Children on Aug 22, 2014. It was the most eagerly awaited acted for the session. As it was near Ganesha Festivals, teacher prepared a stencil of Ganesha. Children were excited to make their favourite Ganesha. Teacher mixed colours red & yellow and then called children one by one to dip the toothbrush in colour & spray the paint from the bristles to and fro. When the stencil was lifted, a beautiful picture of "Ganesha" was seen. Children were excited with the outcome.
  • Flute Making : Flute making activity was organised for KG children on September 09, 2014. Teacher told them the story of Lord Shree Krishna and his love for Flute and Music. Then children made flute with thick chart paper and wrapped/covered it with golder/silver/ coloured shiny paper. Bindis were also sticked on it as Flute's holes. Children were also told about "SaptaSwaras".Children proudly held the flute as Shree Krishna. All the children looked very pretty as Little Krishnas.
  • Hindi Poem Recitation: Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was conducted for KG students on September 12, 2014. Children participated with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

Nursery Activities (September)

Following activities were conducted for nursery children in the month of September.

  • Fun with Plates : All of us knows that paper plates are used for serving & eating but it can be a thing of fun also. Keeping this thinf in mind, an activity "Fun with plates" was organised for Nursery kids. Several items were shown to the children made up of paper plates like Flowers, Clowns, Water melons & Snails. To give practical hand on it, the teacher also taught them how to make a fish from ppaper plate using thumb impression. Children learned as well as had fun in this activity.
  • Rainy Season : Amongst four major seasons, Rainy season is the most enjoyable season for kids when they can splash water, dance in rain and play in drizling. To continue this enjoyment of season, the teacher explained to kids about other attractions / necessities of this season. Through cutouts of several things, they were given information on several things like Umbrellas, Raincoats, Gumboots, etc that are used/ wored during this season. They were also told about attractions of peacock dance, caterpillars, tur-tur of frogs and taste of hot corns, jalebi, samosa & pakoras that can be relished during this season.
  • Hindi Poem Recitation: Hindi is our National Language. Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was conducted on September 12, 2014. Children participated with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. They had brought appropriate props for their rhymes and also recited rhymes with actions and facial expressions. They exhibited tremendous stage preence and confidence while reciting rhymes.

Pre-Primary Navratri Celebrations

Navratri is a nine night festival that honors the mother Goddess in all her manifestations, including Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Navratri is a festival of worship and dance. Fascinating traditions and rituals abound in Indian culture. The child’s first step in to the realm of formal education opens up a wide arena of knowledge and wisdom. This phase is an important milestone in his or her life. Pre-Primary students of Hillwoods School celebrated Navratri and danced to the tunes of Garba Songs on September 30, 2014. Play Group, Nursery and KG children’s came in the traditional dress for the celebration. They danced and had fun and frolicthroughout the day.

Save water Rally (Pre-primary)

“Water Water everywhere not a single drop to drink” Water-without which life cannot sustain. This colorless element is so precious that it saves life on earth: plants and animals. Knowingly or unknowingly human is wasting water in many ways which results into drastic situations and lack of water means NO LIFE. To value this precious element, Play Group and Nursery kids took up the initiative to spread the message “SAVEWATER”. All tiny tots came to school in blue colored dresses to represent the color of water. They brought Posters, Placards and Banners with captions written on them and a Rally was taken out in the school where kids spread a word through slogans “SAVE WATER”: Every drop is precious. Through this activity these little ones were made to understand the following values:-

  • Play Group: Each drop of water is precious and we should use bucket for bathing instead of shower.
  • Nursery: No tap should be left open while brushing teeth.
Do not let water overflow anywhere. Make a habit to close the tap tightly after use because “Every drop is precious”. It was an enjoyable as well as a learning experience for the children and they loved the activity.

Playgroup Activities (August)

In the month of August, following activites were organised for the Tiny tots of Playgroup:

  • Rakhi Making: Rakhi making activity was oranised for paygroup kids where kids made Smiley Rakhi's. They also tied rakhi to each other and enjoyed the celebrations.
  • Cotton Activity: Cotton pasting activity was also organised for playgroup children which involoved lot of pasting. This activity helped children to visualize details and seek concentration. Kids also had fun with the picture of rabbit.
  • Fun with plate: Playgroup kids also enjoyed the paper plate activity in which kids made water melon with plates and then coloured them with sponge.

Clean Sweep in Debate at "DIVINE FEST" by Hillwoods

On August-30 2014, Divine Child International School held the Divine Fest program in which there were a number of events like debate, painting, solo singing, quiz and gujarati dance competition.
The first event was debate in which there were two Groups. For Group-A (VI to VIII) the topic was "Growth v/s Environment' in which students gave their views regarding the importance of growth and it's repercussions on the environment. Yash Chellani of Hilwoods School stood second against the motion and Gayatri Kumar stood second in for the motion category. For Group B (IX-XII), the topic was "Euthnasia should be legalised in India' in which Yukti Joshi held the first position for the motion and so did Shrishti Sharma against the motion. Drisha Roy of class XII secured second position in the painting competetion for Group B.
Students participated in other events too with full enthusiasm. It was an excellent platform for students to showcase their talents and they emerged with flying colours.

Independence Day Celebrations (Seniors)

The nation is celebrating its 68th Independence Day, so is the Hillwoods family. On this day of sacred festival of independence, the school paid respect, greetings and homage to the National Heroes who made great efforts to bring this glory to India. Parents were specially invited along with their children to partiicpate in the event and to pay tribute to our motherland.
Mr. R. K. Mishra, our Honourable Campus Director, hoisted the National Flag, which was followed by a colourful cultural performances like folk dances, patriotic songs, etc. Then a speech was delivered by Class XII student: Ms. Khushboo of Student's Council. She dedicated her speech to our great heroes of Indian Independence.Mr. R. K. Mishra addressed the gathering and emphasised on lateral thinking and on being the change ourselves. In the end, a vote of thanks was proposed by the Head Mistress, Mrs. Sunita Sehgal.


The great artist Rablo Picasso once said “Art washes from soul the dust of everyday life.” To rejuvenate and encourage the long forgotten forms of art, Hillwoods School organized Kalakriti on August 30, 2014. Kalakriti represents a meeting ground – a home for talented upcoming artists who deserve encouragement and support for their expressions. A series of events were organized in which various schools across Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad competed with each other. The choir group gave a beautiful start with the prayer, creating an atmosphere to keep up the positive spirit. This was followed by the lightening of the lamp by the chief guest and the judges.
A total of 10 events took place simultaneously, spray painting being the first event for class K.G., I and II. It gave gist about nature in a vivid manner. The second event was thumb painting for class III, IV and V. the thumb impressions were a highlight to the student’s masterpiece. The third event was vegetable painting for students of classes VI, VII and VIII in which students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The fourth event was paper crumpling for classes I, II and III. Students expressed their creativity artistically using crumpled paper. The fifth event was clay modelling for classes IV and V in which students presented eye-catching models using clay; expressing their imagination. The sixth event was pot decoration for class VI, VII and VIII. Students decorated pots beautifully using origami, paints, clay and other decorative accessories.
The seventh event was flower rangoli for classes IX and X. Rangolis made using colourfull flower petals replaced the traditional rice flour rangolis. The eighth event was Collage Making for classes XI and XII. Students used innumerable pieces of colourfull paper to make wonderful collages. The ninth event was instrumental music for classes IX to XII. Students played various instruments, which offered pure bliss to the soul. Finally we had classical dance for classes VI to XII. Various classical Indian dance forms were presented by the students. It was a scenario of complete elegance and grace.
The judges went around the school to judge the events. The prize distribution ceremony followed. In this world of science and technology, art has little place. Creativity is being buried under heaps of academics. Events like Kalakriti play a vital role in giving a platform to the imagination of creative students, so that they develop life-long skills which can help them to appreciate our rich tradition and culture.

Kite Making Competition

Kite Making Competition was held on Aug 08,2014 in which students of class VI to X made kites for Independence day and designed it. All the students took part in it enthusiastically. The kites made by all the students were excellent. Some of the kites were colored, some were decorated with water, pencil, poster colors and in some of them indian flags were pasted. The competition was very good, al the the kites were wonderfull and the winners were awarded with certificates.

Patriotic Song Competition

Interhouse Patriotic Song Competition was held on 08-08-2014 in the school. Students from each house i.e. Nalanda, Sanchi, Ujjain and Takshshila were selected and prepared by their respective head mistresses. This event was a tribute to our freedom fighters who fough bravely against the British and sacrificed their lives for the country. The students were judged on the basis of Shruti (Tune), Rhythem , and Presentation. The students participated with great enthsiasm. Nalanda and Ujjain house stood first, Sanchi house stood second and Takshila house stood third in the competition.

Hillwoods School wins laurels at Srijan-2014

An Interschool Creative Extravaganza, Srijan 2014 was held at DPS-Bopal on 16-Aug-2014, Saturday. The competition was a unique fest to celebrate creativity and encouraged students to explore their innovative ideas. The Competition was organised under Four main Events : ORATORY SKILLS, TECHNO WARRIORS, KALAYATAN and GANITAGYA. Twenty Four Schools from across the city participated for the same. Students of Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar also participated in various events like Ganitagya Quiz, English JAM & Declamation, Web Warriors, Robo Warriors, Code Warriors, Chabutara, Collage on Jal, Ghosla Bird House, T-Shirt Painting on Nurturing Nature, etc and emerged as winners in many categories. The winners in each event were given the trophies and certificates. Ms. Abhilasha Negi of Class XII, secured First Position in Code Warriors Event. Mstr. Nikhil Kumar of Class X got Second position in JAM , and Ms. Nupur Parmar of Class XI got Third Position in T-Shirt Painting (Nurturing Nature) competition. In the end all the students were given participation certificates. The competition gave students ample opportunity to exhibit their creative and technical skills and compete with other creative genius's across the city.

Sanskrit Week Celebrations

No other culture has maintained its basic form together with its vigour and vitality as the Indian Culture. Indian culture has its roots deeply embedded in the ancient times dating back to 5000 years and Sanskrit has benn the language that has sustained it proving the adage 'Sanskritihsanskrit'maashritah' (culture is dependent on language). In order to pay our respects to this mainstay language of our culture and make everyone ware of its importance, Hillwoods School Gandhinagar decided to celebrate the "Sanskrit Saptah".
The week started with the concept of making Sanskrit as part of the daily school routine and the idea of a morning rally in the style of 'Prabhat Pheri' culminating into the morning prayer meet was an instant hit. Every day the children of various classes would go around the school veranda with banners displaying wisdom of the sages and various slogans in Sanskrit after which they would meet centrally at the school prayer point. The programme that followed consisted of shlokas, mantras, news, stories and riddles in Sanskrit.Children participated very enthusiastically in these events displaying eagerness and dynamism.
The week was made more interesting and participative by children when they made bookmarks with "Sanskrit Shlokas" and distributed these to the teachers and their friends as souveniers. The Sanskrit lab was decorated during the week with new inputs about Sanskrit scholars and various poets. 'Kim Kim Khadeyam', an iteractive group activity based on various food matters and their ingenous use was also carried out by the sanskrit students of various classes. Children explained in Sanskrit the importance and use of various food matters found around us.
The week culminated into the grand finale of a 'Variety Entertainment Programme' based entirely on Sanskrit themes and in Sanskrit language. It consisted of a 'Bharat Natyam' performance in perfect beat and rhyme to a sanskrit prayer that was followed by songs and poetry recitation and speech in Sanskrit. 'Shiv Tandava' enacted by the children captivated the audience when performed with the pulsating beat of 'Shiva Stotra' recitation in chorus. A short skit in Sanskrit 'Asmaakam Prakritih' (our nature) emphasizing the importance of five elements that constitute the entire nature was also enacted by children.
In totality, the 'Sanskrit Saptah was celebrated with the fervour of a weeklong festival that was enjoyed not only by the sanskrit students but also by the entire school. It kept the children involved not only in group activity, but also encouraged them to give individual performances thus improving their confidence and sense of achievement in the language.

Independence Day Celebration for Pre-primary students

The pre-primary kids celebrated the Independence day with eternal fervour of patriotism and nationalism. All the tiny tots were dressed in orange, white and green. Some of the kids came in the character of Freedom Fighters. The teacher and children together made flags and then wen around the school and playground with their flag and singing patriotic songs. Children were very excited and happy to wave National Flag and say "Jai Hind". The celebrations instilled the importance of being a true Indian within children.

Pre-primary English Recitation Competition

An English Recitation Competition was conducted for the Pre-primary children on August 12, 2014. Children participated with lot of excitement and enthusiasm. They not only brought appropriate props for their rhymes, but also recited their rhymes with much confidence.

Maths & Science Exhibition

Maths and Science Exhibition was organised by Hillwoods School on Aug 02, 2014 for classes I-V and on Aug 16, 2014 for classes VI-XII. PTM for primary section was also organised on the same day and timing for both was 8.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.There was a selection round from which three models were selected from each class. "Healthy and non healthy food" was the topic for Class I and "Rain Harvesting", "Water Cycle", "Volcanic Eruption", "Maths Puzzles", etc were the topics for classes IV and V.
Our learned teachers guided the students in their best way and the parents also enthusiastically put in efforts for the same. It was really amazing to see the students flawlessly representing their models. They were not only describing their respective models, but also clearing the doubts or questions raised by the parents/teachers. Their faces were glowing with confidence. The parents appreciated and praised the children's perfoormance and also thanked the school authorities for motivating the students and organizing such a fruitful and creative event in which almost all students could participate. Overall the event was successful due to the co-ordination between the school management and the parents.

Rakhi Making Activity for KG Students

"Rakhi Making" activity was conducted for KG Children on Aug 01,2014. Children were asked by teacher about what all they regarding "Raksha Bandhan". Then a cartoon was made by teacher and children were asked to color it.After that small pieces of paper were given to them to paste it as string. In the end, they pasted it on their Drawing Activity Book. Children really enjoyed making rakhi and also learned the importance of "Raksha bandhan" festival.

Interhouse G K Quiz

"The beginning of knowledge is th discovery of something we do not understand". In the direction of this thought, an Interhouse G K Quiz was held at Hillwoods School. The quiz was conducted for classes VI to VIII, each house having three participants, one from each class. The anchors of Takshshila house, the house on duty, read out the questions from awide range of topics like geography , history, science, literature, current affairs, etc. The course of rounds was as follows: The quiz beagn with a warm up round with two questions from each group. The next round was the choice round in which participants had to pull out the lottery to determine the topic of the questions asked. The four options were history, geography, literature, current affairs. An audio visual round followed the choice round in which each team was given one audio and one video, and questions based on them were asked. The next was the rapid fire round in which each team was required to answer ten questions within a minute.
Nalanda house stood first with 50 points in their account, followed by Takshshila house and Ujjain house with 40 and 30 points respectively. Sanchi house managed to bag 10 points. The quiz was a step in the right direction for establishing and enhancing the G K skills of the students.

Hillwoods Celebrates 50th Birthday of Green City in Green Way

People of India have many festivals related to trees. One such festival is Van Mahotsav or the forest festival. Van Mahotsav was started in 1950 by K.M. Munshi, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food to create enthusiasm among masses for forest conservation and planting trees. Van Mahotsav, a week long festival of tree planting is organised every year in the month of July, across India when millions of trees are planted. As the monsoon progresses across the Gangetic plains. Van Mahotsav is celebrated in some parts in early July, in others in August, and still further west, even in September.
Hillwoods School organized Van Mahotsav on August 02, 2014 to celebrate 50th Birthday of Gandhinagar. Students of all classes participated in the plantation drive. All students brought saplings and planted them with the help of their teachers. The students were enlightened on the main purpose for planting the trees during Van Mahotsav and to increase awareness about trees and love of trees amongst the people as:

  • Trees help soil conservation and arrest deterioration of soil fertility.
  • To popularize the planting and tending of trees for their aesthetic, economic and protective needs. Trees provide fuel and thus release cow dung for use as manure.
  • Fruit trees increase production of fruits and add to the potential food resources of the country. Shelter belts around agricultural fields help to increase their productivity as they protect top soil.
  • Trees Provide folder leaves for cattler to relieve intensity of grazing over reserved forests.
The tiny tots of Pre-primary classes also celebrated "Grow More Trees Day" on 25/07/14 as a part of Vanmahotsav by Kindergarten kids. A very strong message was conveyed by small kids through their gestures i.e. "Grow More Trees". To support this message, children were dressed up as a tree. The room was decorated by cutouts, pictures, models and saplings of trees. To spread the message of growing more trees to all, students went back home with the same caption wrtitten over their handmade tree cutouts which was stapled on their shirt.
In all about 40 saplings were planted to make Gandhinagar more green.

Pin Wheel Making

KG children had a Pin Wheel Making Activity on 18/07/14. Children were asked "If they had ever visited airs & Melas?", "What was the most interesting thing they liked? Children told about Pin Wheels and Merry-Go-Rounds. They were too excited to say about Pin Wheels which rotates when they run. Children made Pin Wheels with the help of teacher and they took home them holding in their hands happily.

Sponge Dabbing-KG Activity

Sponge Dabbing Activity was conducted for KG students on 11/07/14. This activity helps in eye hand co-ordination and reinforcement of colours. and knowledge about animals.Children were given small sponge pieces to dip each sponge in different colours and dab them on the picture of Cat and Rat. Children enjoyed this activity a lot.

Show and Tell Activity

Show and Tell activity was organised for NurseryA & B children on July 04, 2014. Show and Tell is whole class sharing activity where child talks 2-3 lines about object of his or her own choice brought from home like Teddy, Star, Apple, Car, National flag, etc. All the children participated with lots of enthusiasm. This activity enhanced their confidence level and alo increased their knowledge about a particular object.

Weave a Tale Competition

It was a bright sunny morning on 11th Jul, 2014. Most of the school had gathered in the auditorium. School’s maiden ‘Weave a Tale Competition’. The concept was really simple. Each participant would be given few clues and from that he or she would have to ‘weave a tale’. The anchors started the programme by reminding us of how much all of us love stories regardless of our age. It was an inter-house competition. Each house had two representatives. A lot of entertaining and enriching stories were weaved around. A vast array of topics were given to the participants ranging from fairies and ‘the triumph of good over evil’ to more macabre and thought provoking topics such as regret and death. All eight contestants gave their best shot and proved their mettle on stage, but the word ‘competition’ is synonymous with ‘winner’ and there can only be one. It was a pretty tough call for all the judges but in the end after quite a lot of discourse a decision was reached. The final results were as follows: First place- Viyoni Thakkar(Ujjain). For the second place we had a tie between Siddharth Shah (Takshashila) and Briva Rai (Sanchi) and the third place went to Muskaan(Ujjain). Overall it was an interesting experience and the feeling of nostalgia was successfully evoked by our weavers as they transported us back to the time when we were kids and used to eagerly wait for our grandparents to tell us more stories. Wouldn’t you agree?

Technofest 2014-15

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. If you want to shine like the sun you must first burn like it." Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. The same way, knowledge never decreases by being shared. The Technofest 2014 an interschool event was organized by HILLWOODS SCHOOL, GANDHINAGAR. It is a perfect platform for students to exhibit their talents in the fields of science and technology and endeavor to enlighten society about the need of various reforms. Here the masterminds of this invention filled era from prestigious schools of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad gathered to exhibit innovative technologies which may make our lives much simpler, than we can even think of. Technofest 2014 was arranged into Four events.

  • EVENT 1: Scientific intervention - where students built working models on human physiology, innovative methods of waste management and applications of electromagnetic induction.
  • EVENT 2: Software skills- where the students exhibited the amazing world of mobile applications. They increased our awareness about the growing risks and concerns of the social network and also threw light on "Google Cloud Computing"
  • EVENT 3: Young mathematicians: the students showcased tessellation static models. Students also presented geometrical maps of some places in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Moreover they displayed 3D models using scaling methods.
  • EVENT 4: Social reformers: As Mahatma Gandhi once said "The Earth has enough for every man`s need but not for every man`s greed" Students of this group presented skit on the topic "Save The Environment", where they showcased their thoughts on how to save mother nature.
Mr. R.K. Mishra, a veteran field journalist was the guest of honor. Dr. Archana Mankad (HOD Botany Gujarat University), Mr. Santosh Kumar (Professor Public Policy and Administration at PDPU),Dr. Prakash Jha( Asst. Prof and Nodal Officer for National mission for Education through information and communication at central Univ of Gujarat) , Dr. Bhawana Pathak (Asst Professor Environment and Sustainable development at central Univ of Gujarat) and Ms Bhavya Girish Kumar manager Heymath were the judges for various events. After judging the events, prizes were distributed to the winners. Mr Santosh Kumar appreciated the efforts of Hillwoods School in conducting ‘Technofest’ as he said that a fine balance was created between two things –on one hand the young generation was made aware of the surrounding environment through skits and on the other hand students indulged in making use of technology for creating sustainable environmental development. He applauded the efforts of all the participating schools for exhibiting their talents. Judges were visibly impressed by the skits presented by schools on the concept of “Save Environment’. The concept presented by Poddar School emphasized the awareness on planting more and more trees in the vicinity of residential, commercial and industrial places in our society and Hillwoods School which not only talked about the mistakes made by earlier generation but also showed the sensitivity of the generation next towards saving environment. The Technofest concluded with a positive slogan “We do not inherit environment from our forefathers, we borrow it from our next generation” and pledged to become more sensitive towards sustainable development.

Turn Coat Competition

Interhouse "Turn Coat Competition" was conducted for class - IX on July 18, 2014, Friday. Two participants from each house were selected for that. The participants were Muktha Nair & Aryan Desai of Nalanda House, Nandini Parekh & Digvijay Singh of Ujjain House, Kenil Patel & Sawrnima Dubey of Takshshila House, Pankti Shah & Shivani Tripathi of Sanchi House. The time alloted was 3 minutes for preparation and 3 minutes for speech. Turn Coat is shifting allegiance from one loyalty to another, betraying or deserting on original cause. It is originated from latin word "renegare" meaning to deny. Some of the topics were: "Save Trees", "Over use of Electricity", "Water Scarcity", "Importance of Internet", "Past Political Situation", etc. Mr. Kenil Patel of Takshshila House secured First position, followed by Ms. Muktha Nair of Nalanda House and Ms. Swarnima Dubey of Takshshila House.

Germination of Seed (Playgroup)

Germination of Seed Activity was conducted for Playgroup kids in JUly 11, 2014 (Friday). In this activity, young children saw and learnt how seeds germinated into sprouts and grow into a plant. Each child took part in this activity. As this was very new and unique activity for Kindergarten kids, they really enjoyed this activity and participated in int with full excitement and eagerness.

KG Fun Time

An entertainment programme titled "Fun Time" was arranged for the KG Children and their parents on 5th July, 2014. This session was conducted by Kids Age, wherein they screened a fun-filled 3D movie
Children as well as parents enjoyed this session very much. The main objective of conducting such an entertaining session was to develop as well as enhance the bond between School, Parents and Children.

Origami KG Activity

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Origami is a valuable method for developing vital skills through a fun filled way. The Teacher provided the KG children with square craft paper. She then instructed as well as demonstrated to the children to fold the paper into a triangle. They then folded the paper into a smaller triangle and opened the fold. This was done for creasing. Keeping a finger in the center of the triangl, they were taught to fold to resemble a tulip. Children were then helped to paste the tulip in their activity book.

Class XII - Extempore Competition

Extempore Competition was conducted for class XII on 7th and 8th July, 2014. All the students of class XII participated enthusiatically. The students were given an opportunity to speak on the spot by selecting a topic. The time alloted for speaking was 3 minutes. The topics given to students for speech were:

  1. If mother's would go on strike.
  2. Pollution
  3. Importance of Listening Skills.
  4. Role of Discipline
  5. Mobile Mania
  6. A stitch in time saves time.
  7. Sex Education in school
Ms. Kunjal Rupala secured the First position followed up by Mr. Stavan Pandya. The third position was secured by three students: Mr. Kushan Dharmadarshi, Ms. Lakshmi Pillai and Mr. Animesh Sharma. The competition provided an opportunity to the students to develop self-confidence, improving their language vocabulary, minimizing their stage fear and improvising their diction/accent.

Table Manners: Nursery Activity

To inculcate any habit or manners, the right age starts from kindergarten. Keeping this in mind a table manners activity was conducted for Nursery class on July 4, 2014. To make this activity more meaningful, children were told to bring Fork, Table Mat, Paper Napkin. They were explained the proper use of all these things with further general awareness like "Wash your hands before eating", "Don't talk while eating", "Wipe your face" and "Clean your table after eating", etc

My Family Tree: Nursery Activity

A family tree activity was conducted for nursery kids on June 27, 2014. This activity was planned to teach the nursery kids the basic of family and family members and their relationships. For this, Family Tree was drawn and children were asked to bring family photographs and paste them on the tree.

KG Activity : Paper Collage

KG Children had an activity of paper collage on 27-06-14. Paper Collage Activity helps the children in enhancing the eye hand co-ordination and fine motor development. It also helps in re-inforcing the concept of fruit and colour. The children made a paper collage of Mango with the guidance of teacher. Teacher taught them that Mango is a summer fruit and it is called "king of fruits" and it is a one seeded fruit. The children were given yellow glazed paper and were asked to tear in to small pieces. There after teacher asked the children to paste the paper pieces within the outline of the Mango.

Pantomime Competition

Pantomime originated in about 581 BC in Megara, Greece. It is something in which a person acts out a story through body motion and gestures, without usage of speech. It can be performed in films, stage and streets. Hillwoods School organized Interhouse Pantomime Competition for first time on Friday i.e. May 09, 2014.All the four houses performed on Social issues. Nalanda house mimed on "Gender Equality: Save the Girl Child" and Ujjaine house mimed on "Inflation and its effects on common man". Takshshila house depicted "Incredible India" where they gave message that we should respect each others religion and live in harmony. They also emphasized on that one never get prompted to do acts to harm country's peace and unity. Sanchi house mimed on "Ragging - A Youth Crime". The performance of all the participants was appreciated and applauded by one and all.

Heritage Day & Heritage Quiz

Heritage is the shared wealth of mankind. Protecting and presenting this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the entire community. Ms. Hany addressed thestudents and educated the youth about protection, preservation and propogation of heritage on this day.
Heritage Quiz was organized for the students of Class VI-XII to offer an opportunity to raise awareness about the diversity pf cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability. The interhouse quiz took place in four rounds.

  • General awareness round
  • Audi visual round
  • Clue round
  • Rapid fire round
    There was a very close contest between all the houses, but Ujjain house emerged as the winner.

  • Paper Crumpling Activity (KG Students)

    KG Class had paper crumpling activity on 02-05-14. Paper Crumpling Activity helps in developing fine motor skills along with eye and hand co-ordination.The teacher distributed small pieces of black kite papers to each child and asked them to crumple it with their fingers and palm. Then they coloured strawberry and pasted those crumpled balls on that strawberry. Children thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

    Importance of Discipline

    Discipline is the process of training oneself in obedience, self control, skill etc. which results in controlled and ordered behaviour as well as maintains harmony and reduces chaos. On May 01 2014, Ms. Jyoti More addressed the students and educated them on Importance of Discipline. She said that talent and genius alone are not enough to achieve success. Discipline plays a pivotal role in whatever we do in life. Next the assembly was addressed by HM Madam Ms. Sunita Sehgal. She shared an anecdote from the lify of Guru Arjun Dev: The Fifty Sikh Guru. The moral of the story was that two things in life: nameliy faith in your system and disciplined approach to relaize your goals can help you achieve height in life.

    Summer Splash Activity

    Summer Splash Day was celebrated by Nursery & Playgroup children on May 02, 2014. Water play fosters learning in overall developmental area. Water Splash Day was organised for Play group and Nursery students to make them enjoy summers. A big tub full of water was arranged for this activity in the garden. Children splashed the water in the tub and enjoyed with playing with water safe toys.

    Investiture Ceremony (Seniors)

    The Investiture Ceremony is the most awaited event of the year with only handful of students making to the most coveted position. Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar witnessed the Investiture Ceremony for Senior Section for the Session 2014-15 on May 02, 2014. The old order changeth yielding place to the new, as the wheel of time rolls and as the responsibilities falls on fresh shoulders.
    The new student council members took pledge to carry forward the ethos of school to the best of their ability and emerged as winners through dedication, courage and knowledge. The values that they enshrine will continue to inspire other in and beyond school. Thus helping Hillwoodians to be more social, responsible, contributive and democratic.The student's council members for the current session are as follows:
    School Captain Ms. Abhilasha Negi
    School Vice Captain Mr. Gaurav Chavda
    Sports Captain Ms. Khusboo Parikh
    Sports Vice Captain Mr. Rishikesh Kumar

    Investiture Ceremony (Juniors)

    Investiture Ceremony is an event held to honour the students selected for the Student's Council. The Student's Council works under the House-Mistresses and Physical Education Teachers. Duties are assigned to the Council Members to take care of the discipline and co-curriculur activities in the school.
    Investiture Ceremony for Junior's Section was held on 25-04-14. The outgoing council members handed over their responsibilities to the new council members. Everyone welcomed the new Council members with the hope that they will give their best in the ongoing session. The council members for the current session are as follows:
    House Prefects Ms. Mauri Vohra (Nalanda)
    Ms. Nistha Sharma (Ujjain)
    Ms. Jinal Patel
    Ms. Purvi Patel
    House Captains Ms. Aarchi Thakkar (Nalanda)
    Mr. Manvendra Saini (Ujjain)
    Mr. Yashas Jethva (Takshashila)
    Mr. G. Samuel Paul (sanchi)
    House Vice Captains Ms. Vanshika Kothari (Nalanda)
    Ms. Bansari Desai (Ujjain)
    Ms. Ananya Tripathi (Takshashila)
    Mr. Vraj Jaiswal (Sanchi)
    Head Boy (Juniors) Mr. Rishi Goyal
    Head Girl (Juniors) Ms. Navya Thakkar
    Sports Captain (Juniors) Mr. Ansh Thakkar

    Vegetable Printing Activity

    Children of KG class brough Ladyfingers which were cut into half by teachers. Teachers had already kept plates of different colours ready by mixing different colors. Childrens dipped the ladyfingers in different colours and made impressions on a picture of tree. Children were also explained that though the leaves are green, different colours are used to show that trees gives us fruits and flowers. Children thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

    Red Day Celebrations

    "Red" Colour is the Warmest amongst all the colours. Red Colour Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by children of Playgroup & Nursery. Al the children were dressed up in Red colour dresses. Children were made to recognise different type of red coloured objects like Apple, Tomato, Red Balloon, etc. Children were also given the cutouts of Apples & Tomatoes for colouring. They coloured the pictures with crayon.

    KG Activities - April

    The first activity for KG students for Academic Session 2014-15, "Colour the Water Melon" was held on April 4, 2014. Students were given picture of Water Melon int their drawing book, and children coloured it. The teacher gave relevant information about the Fruit and then students coloured it.
    Another activity i.e. Thumb Impression Activity was held on April 11, 2014. Children dipped their thumbs in different colours and gave their thumb impressions on the wings of Butterfly. It was a fun-filled activity to make them familiar with colours. Children loved this activity and were thrilled to exhibit their creativity.

    Earth Day

    The real wealth of a nation is its air, water , soil, forests, lakes, oceans, wild-life and bio diversity. If we take these resources away all that is left is a waste land. No wonder, we Indians call Earth as "Mother Earth".
    In 1969, Senator Nebon put forward the idea to have a special day to create awareness among people regarding rapidly changing environment. On April 22, 1970 finally the first Earth Day was held an people all over the world promised to carry out sustainable development so that our resources do not get depleted and are available for generations to come. Hillwoods School Gandhinagar celebrated Earth Day on April 21, 2014. Ms. Siddhi Patel, an emminent correspondent of Kids Age Newspaper addressed the students. She emphasized on the use of three R's namely:
    Reduce the use of plastic bags, limit the use of electricity, fix leaking.
    Reuse paper cups, cloth bags.
    Recycle paper, glass, metal items, plastic, etc.
    Students promised to join hands with millions of others to dedicate themselves for a green, peaceful and sustainable future.

    Inter-house Heritage Quiz (Juniors)

    An Inter-House Quiz on "Heritage" was held for class III to V on 17-04-14 in the auditorium. Children actively participated in this competition and enthusiastically answered the questions. The quiz was conducted in four rounds:

    1. General Round
    2. Clue Round
    3. Buzzer Round
    4. Visual Round
    Ujjain House secured the first position. Overall the event went off smoothly.

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