Creative Workshop (2016)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

- Albert Einstein

“The principle goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things not simply of repeating what other generations have done-men who are creative, inventive and discovers”

- Jean Piaget

Keeping this mind creative workshop for the session 2015-16 was organized from 1st to 15th march for the primary students. The creative workshop helps the students to explore and expand their creativity. What creativity workshop participants all have in common is an interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity and the desire to explore and harness the power of their imagination.
The creative workshop which was conducted in the school helped the students to improve their creativity by doing so many things such as: Drama , Songs , Dance , Mime , Yoga and A/c . The activity for class 1 was Origami. It developed the motor skills and creativity . The 2nd standard students created fascinating articles with the waste materials. They learnt the reuse of the waste material. The students of class 3 performed a beautiful skit on the stage. This was very beneficial for the students as they got an opportunity to polish their pronunciation, language and diction. They developed their confidence too. The students of classes 4th and 5th performed “yogasans” .This helped in developing their physical and mental conditions. They learnt to increase their power of concentration. Language is not the only means of communication. Feeling can be expressed through gestures as well. So the students performs a mime on the theme “save water”.
"There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity there would be no progress and we would be forever repeating the same pattern."

-Edward de Bono

English Poem Recitation Competition

"Poetry is the Rhythmical Creation of Beauty in Words".

English Poem Recitation Competiton was held for the students of classes I to V. The best three students from each section were selected for this competition . All the students participated with great zeal and enthusisasm.
The great poets of the primary wing confidently recited their poems on the stage. Various topics such as Mother, Earth, Leisure, Teacher, Doctor, Time, Nature, Curious neighbours, Silent Snake, etc were taken by students. Students used beautiful props to bring out the significance of the poems recited by them . The students showcased their speaking skills through this competition. Their presentation was impressive and fascinating. Such competiton helps the students to overcome their stage fear, enhance their confidence and develop their overall personality.

Preprimary Activities (Jan-Feb 2016)

KG Children had yoga class/session on 08-Jan-2016. They learned differnt Yoga Asans like Padmasan, Parvatasan, Bhujangasan and Vajrasan. Teachers told them about the advantages of doing Yoga for fresh mind, concentration, healthy and felxible body.
Pre-primary children had story telling competition on 29-Jan-2016. Almost all the children participated in the competition with colorful props. They told lovely stories with actions and voice modulations.
Pre-primary children were taken to Agora Mall, Ahmedabad for a 5D Movie Show on February 05, 2015. Children were served with Sandwitches, Choclate Lolipops and Strawberry mousse. Children were very excited to see a 5D movie and thouroughly enjoyed the visit.

Sanskrit Skit Competition

Inter - house Sanskrit Skit Competition was held on 4th of December, 2015 for classes’ sixth to eighth. Students participated very actively even though Sanskrit is a tough and new language for students of this generation. They put their best foot forward under the guidance of their house mistresses. Students took the audience with them with their spell bound performance. Nalanda house performed a skit based on the life of Raja Bhoj. Ujjain house’s skit was based on the condition of Maharana Pratap after the war. Takshshila house explained the importance of Sanskrit language through a ‘Hasya kavi sammelan’. Sanchi house displayed the ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’ in their performance. ‘Winning is just an excuse to encourage students to put their effort in such co-curricular activities.’First position was held by Takshshila house. All in all it was very much encouraging to see children speak and act so fluently in a lost language as Sanskrit.

Carnival 2015

“Carnival a celebration of life, Carnival a place where one can learn more about themselves, Carnival offers all of us a dynamic tool for self- expression and exploration, a tool to seek out our own roots and develop new form of looking at the world and its culture”.

Carnival,Funtastica – 2015 was celebrated on 19 December 2015 in all its grandeur. It became a place where students of secondary section showcased their skills as game organizers and food presenter as they put up games and food stalls with exciting and adventurous games and lips smacking and mouth-watering cuisines respectively.
The Pre-primary and Primary students were no less as almost all the kids of all classes presented their dance, songs, skit/dance-drama performances in very alluring outfits. With back to back performances the children had taken away all the appreciation of everyone present on the occasion. The parents were all very excited to see their kids perform on stage. The carnival had something or the other for everybody and in this regard plenty of games were even organized for the parents as well.
‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing’. The Day commenced with too much of fun and frolic and ended with the release of souvenir by Mr. Sanjeev Verma, Secretary Finance, Govt. of Gujarat The most awaited moment of the day came when lucky draw prizes were given away and the excitement remained till the first lucky prize was announced.

Interhouse Sanskrit Skit

Inter - house Sanskrit Skit Competition was held on 4th of December, 2015 for classes’ sixth to eighth. Students participated very actively even though Sanskrit is a tough and new language for students of this generation. They put their best foot forward under the guidance of their house mistresses. Students took the audience with them with their spell bound performance. Nalanda house performed a skit based on the life of Raja Bhoj. Ujjain house’s skit was based on the condition of Maharana Pratap after the war. Takshshila house explained the importance of Sanskrit language through a ‘Hasya kavi sammelan’. Sanchi house displayed the ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’ in their performance. ‘Winning is just an excuse to encourage students to put their effort in such co-curricular activities.’First position was held by Takshshila house. All in all it was very much encouraging to see children speak and act so fluently in a lost language as Sanskrit.

Mini Sports Day

‘Mini Sports Day’ was organized for students of class Nur to class V on 1-12-15. It was celebrated as “Grandparents’ Day” also, therefore all the Grandparents were invited for the event. Mr.R.K Mishra the Campus Director graced the occasion with his benign presence. The event began with hoisting of flag and tiny tots of Nursery handling over the torch to Mr. Mishra. Thereafter the meet was declared open. Children actively participated in various events such as obstacle race, three legged race, pack your bag race, rolling the ball relay etc.It was trilling to see the enthusiasm all around. Activities were organized for grandparents also. Grandmothers along with grand children participated in Dress up your Kid contest and Grandfathers played football match against their grandchildren. Children as well as grandparents were facilitated by Mr. R.K.Mishra. Grandparents thanked the school for organizing such an event for them.

Anti Cracker Rally

The pleasant morning of 9th November 2015 was indeed a special one for the Hillwoodians as it was time for the anti cracker rally, which is organized by the school annually to spread awareness about the importance of our environment and to urge public to avoid crackers. They marched from Hi-tech Hospital to Pathika Ashram. After being segregated into rows of three, the students kick started the rally with zeal and enthusiasm. They marched whilst shouting slogans and urging the public as well as vendors nearly to stop using crackers and for a greener and safer Diwali. Students also made special posters and banners which contained environment friendly messages for the society. After a steady and energetic march which lasted for over a kilometer the rally lasted for over a kilometer the rally was concluded in sector 6. It was a unique experience for students this Diwali impelling public to have a cracker free and eco friendly rally. Moreover they being the future guardians of the nature also pledged to be responsible and make this festival of lights greener and cleaner.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation is a service to Humankind. By donating blood you help a needy and and save a precious life. Tranfusion of blood every year saves millions of life all over the world. Keeping this thing in mind, Hillwoods School Gandhinagar organised blood donation camp on PTM day during morning.
According to studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, blood donors are 88% less likely to suffer a heart attack and 33% less likely to suffer any type of cardiovascular.
Iron has a significant impact on arthero sclerosis or hardening of the arteries. When you donate blood, you are removing 225 to 250 mg of Iron from your system thus cutting your risk of heart diseases. In addition to depleting iron levels, when you donate blood you get a free mini physical check up and also lets us know about blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. (Two major risk factors when it comes to heart diseases.)
Regular blood donation also reduces the weight of the donors. This is helpful for obese people. The 'Blood Donation Camp' held at Hillwoods was a successfull event. Heartfelt thanks to all the donors.

Picnic: Vintage Village

On Nov 02, 2015 students of classes I and II were taken for picnic to Vintage Village. The serenity and greenery of the place was captivating. Children were welcomed and treated with refreshment on their arrival. Then they were escorted by the staff to view the museum which exhibited vintage cars and bikes. They got the information about the model, year and make of the cars. Children thourougly enjoyed the joy rides and played in the garden for a while. Thereafter they were served wholesome and tast meal. Before departure they danced to the beats of the drums and had lot of fun.
Tired, happy and satisfied, they returned home with another great memory of their school days.

Kalakriti 2015

“Creativity is, allowing yourself to make mistake. Art is knowing which one to keep.”

A tree can’t stand without its roots, similarly a talented artist also needs a platform to execute his talent. Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar, for the same, organized Kalakriti 2015. Kalakriti, A platform to portray the inherent talent & creativity of young artists & to display their artistic endeavor. It is an arena in which the expression or application of human creative skills such as painting, drawing, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or power is manifested.
The fest was initiated with lighting of the auspicious lamp followed by a melodious rendition of a song seeking almighty’s blessings. A total of 12 events took place. In all about 225 students participated from eminent schools of Gandhinagar as well as Ahmedabad. ‘Palm Painting’ being the 1st event for the students of classes Kg, I & II which gave a gist about their creativity. Following ‘Folder Making’ in which young creative minds of classes III, IV, & V made attractive & beautiful handmade folders. The 3rd event was ‘Story Boarding’ for the students of classes VI, VII & VIII in which students participated with great enthusiasm. The 4th event was ‘Cooking Without Fire’. Despite being an eco-friendly event as well as not being allowed to use fire, students of classes I, II & III prepared delicious food. The 5th event was ‘Thali & Diya Decoration’ in which students of classes IV & V participated & prepared beautiful thali’s & diya’s using paints, clay & other decorative accessories. The 6th event was ‘Cooking Demo in Sanskrit’ for students of classes VI, VII & VIII. Students demonstrated cooking procedures in Sanskrit language, which clearly showed their love for Sanskrit language. The 7th event was ‘Unconventional Rangoli’ in which rangoli colors were replaced with colored rice, flowers, feathers, pulses & other unconventional items easily available at home, and in a depiction of Swacch Bharat even brooms were used. The 8th event was ‘Portrait Drawing’, being the toughest competition, it observed one of the most incredible portraits ever made by the students of classes XI & XII. The 9th event was ‘Folk Dance’ in which Indian folk dances were performed to express joy, happiness & to showcase the authentic cultures of India by the students of classes VI to XII. The 10th event was ‘Hindi Debate’ in which students of classes IX to XII participated & held a formal discussion on the topic “Yog is Better Than Gym”. The 11th event of the day was ‘Poster Making’ in which stunning posters were made by the students of VI, VII & VIII on the topic “India of My Dreams”. Finally, we had ‘Complete the Poetry’ competition for students of classes IX to XII, where students displayed their love for creative writing.
Eminent personalities judged the competitive events & applauded the participants for their ingenuity & creative art expressions. Impressed by the creative instincts of the students, the judges also motivated them to explore vistas & avenues that will nurture their versatility & enhance their skills. The event came to an end with the prize distribution ceremony in which certificates & trophies were given to the winners of competitive events by the host school to encourage maximum participation & the competitive spirit to win accolades.
Event-I: Palm Painting DPS Bopal DPS Bopal
Event-II: Folder Making DPS Bopal Podar International
Event-III: Story Boarding Kendriya Vidhyalaya No-1 Sakar English School
Event-IV: Cooking Without Fire Mt. Carmel High School Sakar English School
Event-V: Thali & Diya Decoration Mt. Carmel High School Apple Global School
Event-VI: Cooking Demi in Sanskrit Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar DPS Gandhinagar
Event-VII: Uncenventiona Rangoli Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar DPS Gandhinagar
Event-VIII: Portrait Drawing Kendriya Vidhyalaya No-1 DPS Gandhinagar
Event-IX: Folk Dance Shree Swaminarayan Public School Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar
Event-X: Hindi Debate Hillwoods School & DPS Bopal Ahmedabad Public School
Event-XI: Poster Making-India of My Dreams Shree Swaminarayan Public School DPS Gandhinagar
Event-XII: Complete The Poetry Shree Swaminarayan Public School Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar

Pre-primary Activites (October)

Following activities were conducted for KG Students in the month of October:

  • Drawing and Coloring Competition: Children of all ages love colouring and drawing. Their imagination is so wild and it was the best way to bring out their creative skills by conducting this competition. The topic was taken as "Rainy Day" as children love rains. Children made pictures of rainy day and then coloured it.
  • Navratri Celebrations: Our tiny tots celebrated Navarati with great fervour and enthusiasm. Children were dressed up in very colorful attires and danced to the tunes of Garba.
  • Paper Plate Activity - Face Mask: Making Face Masks is a simple and fun craft activity. There's nothing better than seeing a child's face light up over something that they have created. KG children enjoyed making a mask of Cat and Tiger. They colored it and learned about cats and tigers; their colors, how they cry, etc. Childrens also learned that tiger is our national animal.

Garba Celebration

Our prestigious school 'Hillwoods' celebrated 'Garba' in its campus on October 10, 2015. As gujarat state is associated with this dance festival, so we were privildged to celbrate the longest dance festival of gujarat i.e 'garba' in the school. The students as well as the teachers were dressed in their best attire. It started with Lord Durga's aarti and later prasad was distributed to everyone present there. The teachers whole-heartedly participated in this celebration. The students had fun and frolic on that day. It was a new and great experience for everyone.

Diya and Thali Making Competition

It was held on October 08,2015 for the students of class III to V. The students were asked to bring the required material and they decorated diya and thali in thier own creative way. The students enthusiastically particiapted in this competition. The students were asked to use this 'Thali' and 'Diya' in the 'Navratri Pujan'.
Thread painting was held on very same day for class I and II students. The Art & Craft teacher gave a demo of 'Thread Painting' to the students. They showcased their talents and creativity through the various designs like butterflies, birds, Vase, etc. They all happily participated in this colourful competition.

Fancy Dress Competition

The Fancy Dress Competition for Std I and II was held on October 15, 2015. The topics were "Wildlife" and "Our Helpers". This competition was eagerly awaited by the students. They showed their zeal and enthusiasm by participating in large numbers.
Children were prepared well and showcased their talent. They were dressed up as lion, tiger, army men, doctor, etc. This competition helped students to overcome their stage fear and gain confidence. Children learnt about wildlife and community helpers. The competition was enthralling, exciting and captured the interest of the audience. It was a great learning experience.

Preprimary Activities (September)

Following activities were conducted for KG children in the month of September.

  • Making Paper Dog: All the children brought coloured paper from home and were keen to know what was going to happen, they all learnt how to make a paper dog with eyes and nose.
  • Hindi Recitation: All children enthusiastically took part in the competition and recited poems beautifully. Seven children of nursery class won. All the children were very happy.
  • Janmashtami: All children came in their traditional dresses and were very excited to celebrate the occasion. They were told about Lord Krishna and his pranks.
  • Spray Painting:As a part of Ganesh Festival, KG children had an activity on spray painting of Ganesha. They dipped the tooth brush into the paint and sprayed the paint on the cutout of Ganesha. Children were so excited to see the beautiful image on their drawing paper. Children learnt how tooth brush can be used for painting other than brshing their teeth. They loved the activity tremendously.
  • String Painting: Children always have fun and excitement in their activities. The String Painting activity was conducted for this purpose. Children brought a thick string and dipped it in color of their choice and coiled it in the folded drawing paper.. Then the children were made to individually pull the string. Children were surprised to see the different impressions on the paper.

Pre-primary Activities (August-September)

Following activities were conducted for Preprimary children in the month of August-September.

  • Outdoor Activity:As a part of outdoor activity, KG children were taken to the school playground where they picked up toffee wrappers, wafer packets, dried leaves and waste papers and put it into the dustbin, singing the rhyme "Bits of paper, bits of paper, lying on the floor". The purpose of this activity was to make children aware of keeping their surrounding clean and invoke a sense of responsibility within them. Children then promised that they shall keep their homes, classrooms, etc clean.
  • Bangles of Button: The activity Bangle and Button was conducted on Aug 21, 2015. Children were given drawing sheet in which they had to color the drawing and after that paste two bangles and 10 buttons on it. They were thrilled and eager to do this activity.
  • Rakhi Making: Rakhi Making activity was done in the classroom on Monday, Aug 31 2015. Chidren had to write the first letter of their Alphabet in a Rakhi prepared by them. They were excited to take the rakhis at home.
  • Janmashtami Celebrations: Fascinating traditions and rituals abound in Indian Culture. Preprimary children were dressed up in colorful robes of Lord Krishna, Radha and Gopies to celebrate the festival Janmashtami on September 04, 2015. They commemorated the human incarnation of Lord Krishna. Teacher explained the importance of festival to children. The tiny tots celebrated the occassion with enthusiasm.

Techofest 2015: Young Masterminds

“Hard Work Does Not necessarily guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work”.
Learn how to handle rejection, work hard & function out of your comfort zone, success will be yours. A successful man is one, who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar celebrated its annual festival “Technofest 2015” in all its grandeur and gaiety on 22nd August 2015. Technofest is a perfect platform for students to exhibit their talents in the fields of science and technology and endeavour to enlighten society about the need of various reforms. Here the masterminds of this invention filled era from prestigious schools of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad gathered to exhibit innovative technologies which may make our lives much simpler, than we can even think of. Technofest 2015 was arranges into four events. Event I: Scientific Intervention – where students built working 3D models using mirror, displayed wonders of electricity & by showing innovation in mechanics. Event II: Software Skills – where the students showed Advancement in Technology through Phishing, Raspberry Pi Technology & Expert Systems. In fact, they even told us about the coins of this kind of advancement with the help of Phishing Technology. Event III: Young mathematicians –the students showcased their mathematical skills by showing the correlation of Geometry & Dance forms. They even prepared a Geodesic Dome & showed Applications of Trigonometry. Event IV: Social Reformers –as Mahatma Gandhi once said “Faith must be enforced by a reason… when faith becomes Blind… it dies.” Students of this group performed skit on the topic “Blind Faith & Fraud Gurus” where they showcased their thoughts by showing how innocent people are being fooled by the people who call themselves as God men or women. The event was graced by eminent personalities like Mr. R. K. Mishra, Dr. Prakash Jha, Dr. P. V. Subash, Mr. Manoj Ajmera, Mr. Ashok A. Patel, Mr. Raji Reddy, Dr. Nirav Joshi & Dr. Tarak Thakker. In most of the categories the prizes were taken away by Hillwoods School & Swaminarayan Public School. Since Hillwoods was the host school so the Best School Prize was given to Swaminarayan Public School.


One who plants a tree plants a hope.
The 'Van Mahotsav', a festival of trees is a beautiful initiative to save the environment to which we owe a lot. Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival in India, celebrated in India in the first week of July. This movement was initiated in the year 1950 by India's then Union Minister for Agriculture, Kulpati Dr. K. M Munshi. The festival educates the awareness of tree among people and portrays the need of planting and tending of trees, as trees are one of the best ways to prevent global warming and reduce pollution. In India it was started as a crusade to save mother earth. Generally, native trees are planted as they readily adapted to the local conditions, integrate into eco-systems and have a high survival rate. Besdies, such trees are helpful in supporting local birds, insects and animals as well. Hillwoods School, andhinagar has also celebrated Van Mahotsav in its campus during the month of July. Children were given saplings to plant. Each and every class took part in tree plantation. In assembly students recited poetry related to trees and their importance. They prepared thought provoking posters and banners to spread the message of planting more and more trees.

Primary Activities (July-August)

"Best out of Waste" competition was held on July 23, 2015. The students of class I to III participated in this competition. The creativity and innovative ideas were displayed through their works. The students made Bangle Stand, Photoframes, Wall Hanging and Baskets with the old newspapers and other things using the discard materials. This was really impressive.
"Folder Making Competition" was held on August 08, 2015. Students of class IV and V participated in this competition. The students used handmade chart and thick papers for making the folders. The folders were looking very colourful and attractive. The students decorated the folders with stickers, cut-outs, ribbons and flowers. They also used thumb and hand painting to make it more fascinating. The students were very expressive and they showcased their talents through this folder making competition.
"Folk Dance Competition" was held on August 13, 2015. It was in interhouse competition. The four houses i.e. 'Nalanda', 'Ujjain', 'Takshshila', and 'Sanchi' participated in this competition. It was a theme based competition. All the four houses depicted the various dance forms of india. The colour of the costume of the students were "Yellow" - representing prosperity, "Red" - depicting the love for the nation and "Blue" - representing water. The students performed with great confidence. They learnt about the culture and different forms of dance of India. Their performance was filled with enthusiasm . Ujjain house secured first position in this competition.

Independence Day Celebrations

"Freedom in the mind, faith in the words
Pride in our soul, Let's salute the Nation".

The 69th Independence Day was celebrated in Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar with great enthusiasm. Teachers, students and parents gatheres in inner courtyard in morning around 8.30 a.m. The flag hoisting ceremony was done by our honourable chief guest Mr. R.K. Mishra, followed by National Anthem. Everyone then gathered in the auditorium. The welcome address was given by the Headmistress Ms. Sunita Sehgal. Moksheta Chillani of class XI-B, expressed her views very effectively about the importance of independent india. She concluded with a pledge to maintain the dignity of our country and Kaushal Mishra of class XI gave speech in Hindi. The program continued with a Tamil Harvest folk dance and koli dance of Maharashtra which mesmerized the audience followed by the melodious patriotic song. Bhairavi of class IX recited a poem "Koshish Karnewalon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti" written by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. At the end the cheif guest addressed the gathering. The coordinator Ms. Nimmi John gave the vote of thanks and concluded the programme.

Maths & Science Exhibition (Seniors)

Science & Maths Exhibition of the session 2015-16 was conducted on Aug 08, 2015 for seniors. Students of classes VI to X took part in the exhibition with great enthusiasm.
For Maths Exhibition, Students prepared models on the topic correlation of geometry with dance forms, such as Ballet dance and Bharatnatyam. They demonstrated the angles formed while performing dance with the help of doll and other models. Students of Classes VIII and IX made beautiful models of geodesic domes with the help of gelatin paper, which helped the models to give 3D impression. Students explained about the construction of domes and its advantages. Class X students made model to show the application of trigonometry such as to find height of building and distance from earth to moon. Parents enjoyed the exhibition and asked questions to the students. Overall the exhibition was good experience for the students and parents.
Students participated very enthusiastically in the science exhibition also. They made models related to topics like periscope, kaelidoscope, fire alarm, hydroelectric power, metal detectorss, pesla coil, interdependence among living things etc. They also presented their model with great confidence. Overall the exhibition was very good.Every one appreciated the innovtive thoughts of the students and the efforts put in by them.

Celebration of Sanskrit Week (Aug 07 to Aug 14, 2015)

The Sanskrit Week for the Academic Year 2015-16 was celebrated in Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar with unbound enthusiasm and cheerful spirits. The Sanskrit Department left no stone unturned to make the show as colourful, impressive and impactful as possible. It commenced on the Aug 07, 2015 and continued through week up to Aug 14, 2015. The celebration was primarily divied into three parts.

  • The Morning Assembly: The Morning Assembly was conducted for the entire seven days by the Sanskrit Department. In the Assembly, the sanskrit students recited shlokas, mantras, etc. The reading of news and enacting of skits/plays was also done in sanskrit
  • Sankrit Exhibition Display: It was for the first time that display of such an exhibition was organized in the school and it drew maximum attention. Students of all classes from Class VI to X displayed their talents. Class VI students made a veriety of Greeting cards for various occasions like Teachers Day, Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day etc. Class VII made beautiful models on fruits, vegetables, household goods with their entire nomenclature in Sanskrit. Class VII came up with shlokas, Sooktis and Mantras on chart papers. They competed for the best display amongst them. Classes IX and X made posters on ancient works of literature and scriptures like Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharata etc.
  • Cultural Programme: This was the grand finale of the sanskrit week for which everyone was waiting quite eagerly. Various programmes like songs, dance, drama were conducted in the school auditorium. Kathak, Shiv-Tandav Stotra, Geeta-Saar, Antakshari, Chorus and Hillwood News, etc were the highlights of the event.
'Sanskrit Saptah' was celebrated with the fervour of a weeklong festival that was enjoyed not only by tge sanskrit students but also by the entire school. Suffice to say that the rich legacy of Sanskrit as an effective medium of communication was showcased in all its splendour.

Maths and Science Exhibition

Maths and Science Exhibition was held on August 01, 2015. The Exhibition is conducted every year keeping in mind the persuance of children's mind, natural curosity and imagination to quench their thirst of creativity and route for development of science, mathematics and technology as a major instrument for achieving goals of self reliance. The students of class I to V participated in this exhibition. It provided a unique platform to the participating children and teachers of these classes for sharing their innovations and new experiences with the community. The topics of this Maths and Science Exhibition were as follows:

  • Time
  • Abacus
  • Measurement
  • Means of Transport/Communication Solar System
  • Food
  • Water
Students showcased their talent, enthusiasm, zeal and confidence through the exhibition of their projects.The Judges were appointed to grade the projects of the students. Overall, it was a forum of exchange of scientific thoughts and ideas and the nurturing of young minds.

English Recitation Competition & Independence Day Celebrations (Preprimary)

English Recitation Competition was held on August 07, 2015 where children of both the classes i.e. KG-A, KG-B and Nursery had to recite a poem in English and children used beautiful props to bring out the significance of the poems recited by them.
The pre-primary kids celebrated the Independence day with eternal fervour of patriotism and nationalism. All the tiny tots were dressed in orange, white and green. The teacher and children together made flags and then went around the school and playground with their flag and singing patriotic songs. Children were very excited and happy to wave National Flag and say "Jai Hind". The celebrations instilled the importance of being a true Indian within children.

Nursery Activities for July

Following activities were conducted for Nursery children in the month of July.

  • Flower and Leaf Activity:This activity was held on July 03, 2015, children were given cut out of flower and leaf and they had to paste them on a drawing sheet, they enjoyed this activity with full enthusiasm.
  • Show and Tell Activity: This activity was held on Jul 07-2015, lot of children participated in this activity with great energy and were happy to express their views on the special object thay they were carrying from their homes.
  • Smiling Clown: This activity was conducted on Jul 17, 2015 where children were given the drawing sheet in which the smiling clown was already made and they had to colour it. The main purpose of this activity was to help children recognise different shapes and colours.
  • Eco-friendly Day: Eco-friendly Day was observed on July 24, 2015 where explaination on Environment was given to them. Children were explained the importance of saving of 'Electricity and Water', 'Growing of more trees', etc. All the children participated in a Hand Painted Activity through a chart showing the significance of Earth being saved by all.
  • Rainy Daiy Celebration: This activity was held on July 31, 2015. Each child was given a drawing sheetwith umbrella and a cut out of girl , where they had to stick them with glue and thumb printing was done to show the rain drops. Each child was excited and thrilled to do this activity.

KG Activities for July

Following activities were conducted for KG children in the month of July.

  • Sticker Pasting:Children of all ages love sticker. Thus Sticker Pasting Activity was conducted for KG Children on July 03, 2015. Children coloured a boat, fish and a lake. Then they pasted colourful stickers of square and triangle shapes in proper sequence on the sail of the boat. This kind of activity helps in eye-coordiation and reinforces the concepts of shapes and colours.
  • Paper Collage: Children love tearing papers. This likning of theirs was put to good use on July 10, 2015 with the help of this activity. Children tore yellow papers into tiny pieces which they pasted on the picture of a Mango, taking care that the paper pieces should be pasted outside the picture. Children were also told that "Mango" is a National Fruit and also a Summer Fruit.
  • Sponge Dabbing: The children made sponge dabbing on the picture of cat and rat. To make it more interesting and appealing, it was related to "Tom and Jerry". Teacher called the children one by one and asked them to dip the sponge in different colours and dab them on the pictures of "Cat and Dog". Children willingly participated in this activity.
  • Speech on my favourite fruit / vegetable : This activity was conducted on July 24, 2015. The activity was basically aimed at building confidence and to help children overcome stage fear. It also enhances their oratory skills. Children came prepared with colorful props, as well actual fruits and vegetables of their choice. Then they gave a small informative speech on their favourite fruit or vegetable.
  • Button Activity: This activity conducted on July 31, 2015 helps in enhancing eye hand co-ordination and fine motor skills. Children coloured flower and butterfly. Then they pasted colourful buttons on them.

Complete the Poetry Competition

"Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound and rhytmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response". The very nature of poetry as an authentic and individual mode of expression makes it nearly impossible to define.
The Interhouse Poetry Competition was held at Hillwoods School in Gandhinagar. The competition took place between the class X students from all the three sections i.e. A B and C. The stage was very well hosted by Nishtha and Sudeep. The constestants from X-A were Kritika Rathore, Sparsh Patel , Swarnima Dubey and Urvashi Dayalani. From class X-B, Sakshee Gojre, Parnika Kulkarni, N. Shreya and Yatinaditya were the participants.
A couplet was given to each section and a poem was asked to form using the given lines and tell about a message they would convey through the poem. Poem was very well narrated by all the participants. All the judges applauded the works of all the participants.

Interhouse Newsroom Competition

News is called the ‘mirrors of the world’. From the old days, people would chat and gossip about what they have seen or heard and news would spread from one to another. Today, news has successfully blended in as one of our routine daily tasks. It provides us with a large variety of information and knowledge that we might not know. Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar, organised Inter House News Room Competition for classes XI and XII on 10th July, 2015. It was a maiden attempt as to inculcate communication and presentation skills amongst the students. The school chose to conduct this competition so that we become more aware of the happenings around us and realize the importance of news and newspapers. Each House- Nalanda, Ujjain, Takshashila and Sanchi had 7 participants. The Houses were given a newspaper each and had a time limit of 20 minutes to choose and enact any 4 events mentioned in the newspaper. The participants put up a very interesting yet an informative show, which had the essence of switching on a news channel. At the end of the event, Takshashila House proudly held up their first position while Nalanda and Ujjain followed suit together and stood second. Sanchi House, completing the competition, stood third.
In the modern era, very few students spare time to sit and read newspaper. They have very little knowledge about the happenings around the globe. In such an era, competitions like these not only make the students aware about the happenings but also encourages team spirit, gives room for imagination and creativity and enhances one’s presence of mind. This competition taught the students about how news is such an important part of our daily life and also it makes everyone aware about the consequences of the events that take place around the world. Every news article has its own significance and it is very important to understand how hard the reporters and newspaper editors work so that we get to know what is happening around different parts of the world. The acting part taught the students how to interact and socialize improving their acting skills. Team work was the main key to success in this event. Students learnt how to work in a group and perform a particular task. The literary skills of students were given a boost once the event was over. News Room was not only an exciting and entertaining competition but also a great learning experience. To conclude, events like News Room teach us that there is a world beyond academics and it is equally important to excel in this as well.

Weave a Tale Competition

Interhouse Weave a Tale Competition was conducted om July 03, 2015. From each class four competitors were chosen, representing jointly their class as well as their house. Each participant was handed over with some clues so that they can put down their thread of imagination on their ‘spindle wheel’. The hosts marvelously came up with their speech including striking poetries and thoughts. Many appealing and inspirational stories were plaited. Vast arrays of tales were merged by the participants. The stories amalgamated tons of ideas ranging from fiction world to the arena of wizards and the triumph of determination to more macabre and thought provoking topics such as regret and death. Contestants of Nalanda house followed the opponents from Ujjain, Takshishila and Sanchi who delivered stories worthy of note. The students of class IX competed with each other to be adjudged as the best storyteller. All the twelve contestants gave their best shot and provoked their valor on stage, but now, it was for our two judges to choose the winner of the day. The competition was healthy and a bit tough for the judges to make their verdict. The judges, before the pronouncement served a speech before the students and made aware of the time limitations and body language, which should be more stressed over by the Hillwoodians. In the end after quite a lot of discourse a decision was reached. The final result was as follows: Yash Chellani, from Nalanda House got the first position, which was followed by Nischay Joshi again from Nalanda House and Sudeep Nair from Ujjain House. A consolation prize was awarded to Anushikha Pokhriyal for her commendable performance on the stage, especially for her language. The pupil applauded for the winners and our Head Mistress mam and judges cheered the audience to be the next winner in the upcoming events. At the end, everyone had a nostalgic and interesting experience.

Interhouse Nukkad Natak

Street Play 'Nukkad Natak' was held on Jul 02, 2015 by the primary students (class: IV-V). It was organised to make the students aware of the common issues of our society. It was a house-wise competition. Basic topics were chosen by the students. They were as follows:

  • Save Water
  • Save Environment
  • Child Labour
  • Go Green
Children used various props to make their play more interesting , effective and realistic. Students performed with great confidence and expressions. It was not possible without the great efforts of the teachers. All houses gave very good response and gave great messages through their 'Nukkad Natak.
Sanchi House secured First Position, Takshshila House stood Second, Ujjain House secured Third position and Nalanda House came Fourth. It was appreciated by one and all.

Dance of Venus and Jupiter in the Evening Sky

Hillwoods School, children witnessed close celestial Dance of Venus and Jupiter in the Evening Sky on 30th June, 2015 .
It won’t happen again until 27th August, 2016.

The two brightest stars in the sky aren’t actually stars. They’re the planets Venus and Jupiter, and tomorrow, they’ll be snuggled up next to each other in the evening sky. The configuration, called a conjunction, isn’t all that rare, but it does look cool. Tomorrow, on a clear night, look for the conjunction to be seen just after the sunset at 7.29 pm and will continue up to next two hours in the western sky. The union will be visible even from a city street. The closet approach – the two bright planets will appear just one moon-width apart. Jupiter-Venus alignments happen every few years, sometimes in the morning sky, sometimes in the evening sky. That’s because Venus orbits closer to the Sun that Earth does-so it’s geometrically impossible for Venus to appear more than about a quarter of the sky away from the Sun-hence its nicknames, the morning and evening star. Along with the planet conjunction, visitors can see the four bright moons of the Jupiter, namely lo, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Jupiter has 63 moons and is the largest planet in the Solar System. Jupiter is a far bigger planet, but Venus is closer and more reflective, so it appears the brighter of the two. Although these planets are aligned on nearly the same line of sight, they are hardly close together in space. Venus, the second planet outward from the Sun, presently resides a little over 0.5 astronomical units from Earth. In contrast, Jupiter, the fifth planet outward, looms way beyond Venus some 6 astronomical units away from Earth. One astronomical unit is about 150 million kilometers approximately. Venus and Jupiter both appear bright in Earth’s sky because the cloud cover on these worlds effectively reflects sunlight. Although Jupiter is so much farther off than Venus, Jupiter’s sheer size guarantees the king planet’s brilliance. Jupiter’s diameter is nearly twelve times greater than Venus’ diameter, yet Jupiter is nearly twelve times farther away from Earth than Venus. The planets move throughout our sky due movement and theirs as we travel around the Sun. If you have a pair of binoculars, you can try taking a closer look at the two jewels of the night sky over the next week as they get closer to each other. If the sky will be clear from clouds, it would be an exciting moment to see the two planets so closely and to understand the science interestingly. So be sure to catch the two planets at their closet: it won’t happen again until August 27, 2016.

Investiture Ceremony (Seniors)

“Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. With power comes great responsibility.” Nurturing students to be future leaders, Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar on May 01, 2015 held its Investiture Ceremony to bestow the deserving students of the senior wing with responsibility of leading the school from the from with their commitment, confidence and competence. The Investiture Ceremony thus marked the inaugural of the senior Student Council for the academic session 2015-16. The Ceremony started with the former Housemistresses handing over their responsibilities to the new Housemistresses who then honored the Prefects and the Vice- Captains of the respective houses with badges. The outgoing Student Council members handed over their sashes, badges and transferred their responsibilities to the newly appointed members. The newly chosen CCA Co-ordinates and Graphic Incharges were then honored with badges. It was then time for the most awaited moment of the Ceremony. Our Headmistress ma’am, Sunita Sehgal ma’am, honored the School Captain, Vice- Captain, Sports Captain and Vice- Captain with badges, sash and the School flag as a mark of responsibility and diligence. The School Captain, Maithilee Kajale administered the oath of allegiance where by the newly council members promised to discharge their duties honestly, sincerely and to the best of their ability. They promised to take the school to newer heights and resplendence. The Head Mistress ma’am, Ms. Sunita Sehgal congratulated the Student’s Council and told them to honour the responsibility and the trust bestowed upon them and to become an example for the others to follow.

Investiture Ceremony (Juniors)

"Leadership and Learning are indispensable ". Investiture Ceremony is an event held to honour the students selected for the Student's Council. The Student's Council works under the House-Mistress and Physical Education Teachers to take care of the discipline and co-curricular activities in School. The Investiture Ceremony for Primary Section was held on 17.04.15. It was indeed a proud moment as the council students received their badges. Everyone welcomed the new council members with the hope that they will do their duty to the best of their capability in the session 2015-16.

Earth Day Celebrations

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods. There is a rapture on the lovely shore, There is society, where none intrudes. By the deep sea, and music in its roar. I love not man the less, but Nature more.
Every April 22, communities across the country observes Earth Day. Bringing Earth Day into the classroom allows students to explore the purpose and significance of the day and raises their awareness of environments issues. The wealth of the nations is its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans, scenic beatuy, wildlife habitats and biodiversity..... that's all there is. That's the whole economy. That's where all the economic activity and jobs come from . These biological systems are the sustaining wealth of the world. Earth Day encompasses a wide variety of environments activities and issues from recycling to pollution to energy conservation. One of the environmental problems that prompted the founding of Earth Day was the amount of pollution spewing into the air, water and ground without any laws or regulations to prevent long term damage. Current laws regulate emissions from factories and vehicles, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute the waterways, and the disposal of hazardous materials like batteries and electronics. Apart from these energy conservation and waste management also plays a major role. Various programs should be organized on school level to make the students aware of the pros n cons of the protecting our nature. At hillwoods students celebrated earth day by making posters expressing their feeling and measures to save nature organizing stage shows and various other activities.
There is a great need for the introduction of new values in our society, where bigger is not necessarily better, where slower can be faster, and where less can be more. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Pre-primary Activities (April)

Following activities were conducted for Preprimary children in the month of April.

  • Colouring Activity - Vegetables:This was the first activity of the new session carried out for KG Students on April 17, 2015. The main objective of this activity was that it helps in eye-co-ordination and development of pre-writiing skills. It also reinforces the concepts of vegetables and colours. The teacher got the children to colour few vegetables namely brinjal, bottle gourd and tomato. She also explained and demonstrated them correct technique of colouring.
  • Vegetables Recognition Activity: KG students had special activity on Vegetable Recognition on April 24, 2015. This was designed to introduce students to different types of vegetables. Different types of vegetables were kept on the table and then vegetable recognition game was played for children. Through the game, children learned the names and features of different vegetables.
  • Thumb Impression Activity: The activity was conducted on April 24, 2015 for KG students.This activity helps in eye-hand co-ordination and revision of colours and parts of the body in a playway method. The teacher asked the children to dip their thumb in yellow colour abd nake their thumb impressions on the wings of a butterfly. They repeated the same procedure with other colours too. When they coompleted , they were happy to see their colourful butterflies.
  • Orange Day Celebration: Orange colour symbolises courage and enthusiasm. On April 24, 2015, Nursery Kids celebrated Orange Day with great enthusiasm and energy. All the tiny tots were dressed up in orange colour dresses. Children did interesting activities related to this color like Colouring on Orange and Carrot, etc. Children were made to reconise different types of orange coloured objects like Orange, Carrot, Orange Flowers, etc.
  • Water Splash Activity was held on May 01, 2015. Water Splash Day was organised for Nursery Kids to make them enjoy summers. Water play fosters overall development in kids. A tub of water was arranged for this activity in the garden. Children splashed water in the tub and enjoyed playing with water safe toys. They also did sharing of thier food with their friends and enjoyed this activity very much.

Heritage Quiz

Heritage is the map of history. They were made by visionaries to mark their existence in the river of time. Hillwoods School Gandhinagar organized a Heritage Quiz on April 24, 2015 to mark the significance of the World Heritage Day which is observed on 18th every year.
The mega event was conducted in two groups. In Group-I, students of classes IX, X and XII were included and Group-II students of classes VI, VII and VII participated. In each group there were four teams - Nalanda, Ujjain, Takshshila and Sanchi.
Four rounds were conducted. First, General Round which consisted of 2 questions of 10 marks each for every house. Second round i.e. 'What's the Question?' round comprised of a set of 2 questions carrying 10 marks each. In this round, one statement was given to the contestants and from that statement the participants had to guess the answer and frame a question along with the answer. Third round i.e. 'Visual Round' had 2 questions of 10 marks each. In the fourth round, i.e. 'Rapid Fire Round', each team was asked 10 questions of 1 mark each. The rounds had variety of questions on heritage and culture of india. All the teams performed well. The winners of Group-I was Takshshila House with team members Sumaiya Khan, Vyoma Chaudhary and Priyal Malakar. The winners of Group-II was also Takshshila house with team members Mokshya Pati, Kenil Patel and Love Patel.
The show was anchored successfully by Sakshi Mishra and Kamakshi Bedi of class X for Group-I and Kaavya Desai and Abhigyan Ganguly for Group-II and all the arrangements were taken care by Nalanda House. At the end, Head Mistress Ms. Sunita Sehgal congratulated the winners and appreciated all the participants. On the whole to commemorate the World Heritge Day, the efforts put in by the House on Duty and participants were commendable.
Heritage Quiz was also organized for the students of Class I-V on April 23, 2015 to offer an opportunity to raise awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability.

Graduation Ceremony 2014-15

The Graduation Ceremony for class KG was conducted on March 17, 2015. The ceremony started with a welcome note by Ms. Ranjana Tiwari followed by the lighteining of the lamp.
The Head Mistress Ms. Sunita Sehgal shared the vision and working of the school with the parents. The co-ordinator Ms. Nimmi John threw light on the rules and regulations of the school. Ms . Smita Alur briefed the parents about the part and activites of class I. The counsellor Ms. Kalpana Kshatriya gave the guidelines for the overall development of children.
The Students were honoured by the Vice Principal, Head Mistress and the Co-ordinator and the report cards were given to the children. Children were excited to come up on the stage and wear the ceremonial caps. Our tiny tots looked very cute and enthusiastic. All the parents and teachers were glad and applauded the children.
The ceremony was concluded with a Thank You note. Overall the graduation ceremony was a successfull one.

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