Confluence - 2016

"School life is one of the most exciting and important phase in anyone's life." During this period, a student comes across several experiences, and learns new things. Hillwoods School organizes several events every year which adds value to a student's learning experience. Such events helps the students in understanding the culture of our nation people, the arts, beliefs, customs, practices, values and social behaviours which is an essential part of a well-rounded education. Through attendance at events, students broaden their horizons and gain unique insights into their own communities as well as a broader perspective of our world's diverse culture.
Confluence-2016 was held in the school premises on 30-Jul-2016, Saturday. Eight schools participated, including the host school. Guest schools were - Podar International school, Sakar English Medium School, St. Xavier's High School, M. B. Patel English School, Shree Swaminarayan Public School, Chaitanya School, Delhi Public School (Bopal).
Honourable judges for this event were Mr. R. K. Mishra - Director of Hillwoods Campus, Dr. Ishmit Kaur - Assistant Professor at the University of Gujarat, Dr. Rishi Pal Dhiman - Recipient of Sahitya Academy Award, Mr. Tomba Singh - Assistant of Faculty of Education in Kadi Sarva Viswavidyalaya and Ms. Mukti Jain - An educationist.
Confluence 2016 consisted of four main events each divided into two groups: Group-A consisted of classes VI to VIII and Group-B consisted of classes IX to XII.
Event-I was "Innovative Orators". For Group-A, the activity was 'Just a Minute'. The objective of the game was for the panelists to talk for 60 seconds on given subject without hesitation, repetition or deviation. It was an individual event. The topics were given on the spot with preparation time of one minute. Chaitanya School won the first prize and DPS Bopal grabbed the second prize for this event.For Group-B, the activity was Jingling. Participants had put a lot of effort in creating jingles. DPS-Bopal, won the first prize and Hillwoods School won the second prize.
Event-II was "Social Challengers". For Group-A, It was a team event with two participants in each team. Group-A participants had to prepare and present a demonstration on 'Poverty in Gujarat' within time frame of 10 minutes. Students of Hillwoods School grabbed the first prize and DPS Bopal was the winner of second prize. Group-B participants had to participate in Buisness Quiz on the topics: 'Buisness Environment, Finance Banking and Management. DPS Bopal won the first prize and second prize was taken by Podar International School. Event-III was "Hindi Sammelan". Group-A participants had to pen down a poem within time frame of one hour, taking inspiration from a given picture. It was an individual event. Chaitanya School won the first prize and second prize was taken away by Podar International School. For Group-B, the event was 'Hasya Kavi Sammellan' which was a team event with five participants in each team. Hillwoods School won the first prize and Podar International School took the second prize.
The last event i.e. Event-IV was "Sanskrit Nukkad Natak" for classes VI to X. Three teams participated in it. First prize was won by Shree Swaminarayan Public School and Hillwoods School grabbed the second prize.
Programme was concluded with the distribution of prizes. The honourable judges, in their speech endorsed the need for such programmes in the school. The event was successful and the students of the school show-cased their talent in every event with utmost zeal and zest.

Interhouse Shloka Competition (Primary)

Shloka recitation competition was held in the school on 14-07-16. Children from class I-III, participated in this competition. Various schloka's with different meanings were recited by the children. They explained the shlokas very nicely. Children were judged on the basis of their confidence, presentation and explaination. The shloka's were dedicated to forgiveness, cleanliness, truthfulness, studies, etc. Overall the competition went off smoothly.

JAM :Just a minute game (Primary)

Interhouse JAM (Just a Minute) Competition was organized on 7-7-2016 for the students of classes III, IV and V. The purpose of this competition was to improve the concentration and time management of the students. In each house there were 3 students, one from each class. There were total three rounds.

  • First Round – was for the students of V std. It was a memory game. 30 words were spoken at a stretch and the student who wrote the maximum words in one minute won the round.
  • Second Round– was for the students of IV std. This was a lock & key matching game. It was real fun.
  • Third Round –was for the students of III std. In this round students had to juggle two balloons without letting the balloon fall to the ground for 1 minute. One who juggled the balloons for the maximum time won the round.
Ujjain House stood first and won the competition. Takshashila House stood second. All the students were excited and enjoyed the competition as it was something new and innovative for them to do.

Pre-primary Activities (July)

Following activities were conducted for Pre-primary children in the month of July:

  • Paper Boat Making: Paper boat making was conducted on July 01, 2016. Colourful origami sheets were given to kids. Teacher trained the kids on how to make boat with the help of paper. Children enthusiastically flipped the sheets as per the instructions given. They enjoyed the folding and pasting activity very much. This showcased their unique talent and ability with fun.
  • Child's own creativity: The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings, experiences can reflect and nurture child's emotional health. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children to be able to express themselves openly. Activity based on childrens own creativity was conducted on July 07, 2016.The teacher helped them to take print of their palms on a sheet using colors in the form of a spider. They were so excited to create something innovative on their own. They were also given basic information about spiders like they have 8 legs, etc.
  • Finger printing: Finger print activity was conducted on July 08, 2016. Children were given instructions to create beautiful flowers using their finger impressions. They were provided different colors. They teacher helped them to take the impressions. They were so excited as well as happy to do this activity. The teacher told the kids about the color of flowers and grass.
  • Umbrella Activity: As the pleasant rainy season has started, an activity of umbrella dance was organised for our pre-primary kids on July 07, 2016. The teacher gave the training of dance steps to the tiny tots. The kids were taken out to the garden where they performed in the rain with their umbrellas. Also they were asked to bring food related to rainy season which they shared with each other. The kids enjoyed the celebration.

Workshop on Chemistry Popularization

“Chemistry is like a majestic skyscraper”.
Chemistry is an art that has furnished the world with a great number of useful facts and has thereby contributed to many arts. Workshop on “Chemistry Popularization” was held in Delhi Public School, Gandhinagar on 7th of July, 2016 in collaboration with Association of chemistry teachers, c/o Homi Bhabha Centre for science education,(TIFR), Mumbai and the Australian National Chemistry Quiz(ANCQ) in invigilation of its vice-president Dr Brijesh Pare and Panel member Dr Prabodh Chobe.The workshop helped students in :
  • Inculcating interest of chemistry learning among young students.
  • Promoting and encouraging an awareness of the nature and relevance of chemistry among school students.
  • To develop problem solving ability, observation and high order thinking skills.
The events included Talk on – Could Chemistry learning be fun , Why scientists are so great , Future innovations based on chemistry, Out of the Box Thinking , Discovery of Fullerene and Learning by Doing in which students performed a few chemistry experiments based on principle of density and chromatography. Four students from our school attended the workshop. The workshop included Chemistry Quiz in which Madhav Patel of class XIA was one of the winners who answered all of the questions correctly. He was awarded with a winner trophy and participation certificate. Preet Shah (XIA), Sudeep Nair (XC), Shaulendra Kumar(XA) were given participation certificates. It was a good learning experience for students and teachers.

Celebrating International Yoga Day

Yoga is attaining the pose and checking the impulses of mind. In this age of stress ,tension and anxiety yoga is required in order to get rid of physical fatigue and mental stress. Hillwoodians have celebrated the International Yoga Day by doing various yogasanas like Tadasan , Trikonasana , Padhastasaha , Ardhcha krasana , Vrukhasana , Garudasana etc. The celebration saw enthusiastic students willing taking part in yoga formations. The students had the fortunate opportunity to learn new yogasanas from skilled sports teachers. The events was a great success as the students passed the flexibility tests with flying colours. The students enjoyed a lot, learning the old tradition of doing Yoga . All in all it was pleasure to learn through fun.

Pre-primary Activities (April-May)

Following activities were conducted for Pre-primery children in the month of April and May:

  • Best out of Waste: "Best out of Waste Activity was carried out for students on 29-Apr-2016. Students brought popsicle sticks for the activity. With Origamy cut-outs, we made boy and girl and pasted it on popsicle sticks and name it "Tini" and 'Tomi". Children enjoyed the activity a lot and they learned that some things that we throw can be used to make some useful things.
  • Yellow Day Celebrations: Yellow day was celebrated by preprimary on May 06, 2016. All children came in bright yellow dresses, and they brought different yellow objects like toys, fruits, vegetables, bags, etc. Teacher taught them that yellow color is connected with summer as the days are sunny. Students brought yellow food in their tiffin. Teacher also took children for a walk in the school garden and showed yellow flowers, leaves, school buses, swings, atc. Children enjoyed the yellow day with lot of fun and frolic.

Investiture Ceremony

"Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the target of success".

The Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar held their Investiture Ceremony on Apr 29, 2016 with great enthusiasm. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic session. Hillwoods School has always been inspired by the vision of its founder, that every child that comes here must be a person filled with knowledge, fear of god, repsect to the elders, respecting the rules and regulations, love and reverence to parents and love for the nation. It was a solemn occassion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilites entrusted upon them by the school.
The Vice Principal, Ms. Sunita Sehgal Madam, along with the co-ordinator inducted the newly elected members of the school with flags and badges. She also addressed the Council and Students by inspiring and motivating them "To leave a trail when you leave" and make a differnece in your life. She also spoke about leadership and discipline that "Our level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverence".
This august occassion conveyed out aim and commitment in moulding out young Hillwoodians to become responsible citizens who will bring about a positive change. It was a memorable occassion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching academic session. In the end the Student Council took the oath to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, to repsect all the rules and regulations of the school with true spirit for the honour of our school and the glory of our nation.
"All glory comes from daring to begin".

Interhouse Heritage Quiz Competition (Juniors)

India is a land of various culture and traditions. It is the country of the oldest civilizations in the world. We are proud of Indian rich cultural heritage. Keeping this in view, we organize the Interhouse Heritage Quiz Competition every eyar for our children. This year also the competition was held on 28-04-16. A variety of questions related to Indian heritage ware asked to the children. There were three rounds : Round-I with options , Round-II without options & Round-III visual round. All the houses actively particiapted and could answer most of the questions. They were asked questions based on different forms, monuments, festivals, authors, and indian mythology. Sanchi house stood first with maximum number of correct answers folowed by Takshashila on second position. Everbody enjoyed the competition.

Cooking without Fire

The Hillwoodians participated in "Cooking without fire" activity organized in the School as a part of their Club Activity. They prepared food cuisines of different types like Mocktails, Salads, Sandwiches, Beverages & Deserts to display their cullinary skills. The display of food items depicted their aesthetic sense. There was a wide variety of food item on display which was mouth watering. Children enjoyed learning how to cook without fire.

KG Activities (April)

The first activity of the new session for KG children was "Colouring the Mango". Children were given a sketch of Mango to colour it. Children were even taught that Mango is the king of all fruits and its a summer fruit. Colouring helps a child to practice holding a writing tool in a correct way and also aids in developing tiny muscles of their hands, fingers and wrist. It helps in hand-eye co-ordination and also develops the child's patience and focussing skills.
KG children also had activity based on "Understanding Shapes with Pulses' on April 24, 2016. Children learned different shapes and how they can be associated with the resembling real world objects like Blackboard (with rectangle), Tiffin box (with square) etc. Teacher made figures with different shapes and children pasted different pulses (which they had brought from home) inside different shapes. With this activity, children also learnt names of pulses which they have in their food. Childrens also learnt that "Pulses provide essential nutrients for our healthy growth and they should eat all the Dals".

Learning Table Manners (Primary Activity)

Table manner activity was held on 13-04-2016 for the students of class I to V. The students were asked to bring the following materials:

  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Napkin
The students were introduced to the basic concepts of table manners. as well as the correct usage and placement of cutlery. It was an interactive activity session and the kids learnt about various rules to be followed at the table.
  1. Sit Erect
  2. Do not talk while eating
  3. Keep you mouth close while eating food
  4. Chew your food properly
  5. Finish your food
  6. Wash your hands before and after eating food
The students enjoyed the activity a lot.

Graduation Ceremony (Pre-primary)

Graduating means getting an academic degree. Before the graduation, the students are referred to as graduands. The date of graduation is often called "Graduation Day". The graduation ceremony itself is also called as convocation or invocation.
The graduation ceremony of the KG students was celebrated on Mar 17, 2016 in the school auditorium. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp. The tinytots were dressed up in their school uniform along with their graduation caps. The pre-primary students entered the auditorium with a musical procession along with their class teachers. Head Mistress Madam, Ms Sunita Sehgal addressed the convocation complementing the little one's for their achievements. It was indeed a memorable day for the parents as well as the students. Respected HM and Cor-ordinator Madam gave away the certificates for the littler ones.

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