Preprimary Visit to Worship Places

As a part of our school curriculum, the preprimary children were taken to various religious places in the month of january. THis visit made the children were made aware of the various customs and traditions practiced in different worhsip places like Templ, Church and Gurudwara. Children recited Gayatri Mantra and listened to the Gurbani and after that they had a lovely Langar in Gurudwara. It was a memorable visit for the children in new year.

Visit to KIFS Securities Pvt. Ltd

In the educational visit to KIFS, Ahmedabad , we were given warm welcome by Mr. Dharmendra Doshi , whole time director and Mr.Rohit Trivedi. After assembling in meeting room they provided very useful and crucial information about stock exchange and trading in it. They informed students about history of stock exchange, procedures to invest in market, Demat A/C, its use, procedures to open it, its rules and regulations. They explained some of the complicated terminology related to stock exchange. They told us about economic changes and its effects on the stock market. Afterwards, students were given opportunity to pour out their minds content and questions to them. Students asked many questions related to market and economy. All their queries were solved aptly and with full satisfaction. Then, students were shown the various sections of the stock broker exchange. They were shown the terminals to do the purchase and selling of securities and market. They were informed about the procedures to buy and sells securities and share through computer network and how to inform customers about the best companies to invest. It was really brainstorming and interactive section providing and enormous opportunity for young minds to mould their minds about economy and share market. Students were motivated about a new and a knowledgeable career opportunity in the stock market.

“Successful trading depends on the 3M’s- mind, method and money. “

Visit to Punjab National Bank

An educational trip was arranged by the school on 27th November 2015 to Punjab national bank for commerce students of class XI. Punjab National Bank is one of the leading nationalised bank. The manager and employees explained the procedures followed and operations of the bank. Firstly, they explained types of Bank Accounts and how to open a Bank Account. They then explained the ways of depositing money in the bank and withdrawing money from the bank by showing various instruments such as cheques, demand draft, pay-in-slip, withdrawal slip, etc. The students enhanced their knowledge regarding internet banking facilities and e-banking facilities like RTGS/NEFT. The bank staff also explained functioning of ATM. Overall the trip was very knowledge enhancing and interesting.

Visit to Sports Authority of India (SAI)

The school organized a visit to The Sports Authority of India (SAI), located in Gandhinagar for the students of class XI. There are only five SAI centers in India which are in Delhi, Patiyala, Bangalore, Kolkata and Gandhinagar. In the beginning the students visited a Modern Fitness Center, which was inaugurated by Shri Lalkrishna Advani and the director, Shri R.K.Naidu and Sports Minister of Gujarat, Shri Nanubhai Vanani. There were many latest Equipments used for weight training and cardio strength. Children also saw Sauna and Steam bath which are used for passive warming up and relaxation for players, They also visited the Elite Hostel. Later on, the students went to Athletic tracks and fields where different events are held. The high jump pit used in 2007 Commonwealth Games is now available for use in SAI. There was an Advanced Table Tennis court, Badminton court, Gymnastic field, Football, Kabbadi, cricket and handball ground where people from army camp were practicing. The hockey field is made of Astroturf material which is the only hockey field in Gujarat. The students also went to the pool where national level swimming competitions are held. In the Sports Science Center, they met Sport doctors and physiotherapists. Children got a golden opportunity of meeting the National and International players as well as Arjuna Awardees. The trip to Sports Authority of India was a very informative and a great learning experience for the students. Overall, it takes a lot of hard work to reach the peak of success.

“Success is a ladder which cannot be climbed with one hand in your pocket”.

Visit to BSF Campus

On October 20, 2015 the student of Hillwoods School Gandhinagar visited the lush green campus of Border Security Force, Gandhinagar. The students were given a warm welcome by the soldiers and officers of B.S.F. The students then interacted with DIG Piyush Patel. He has a positive approach towards work and he personally advised the students to live their life to the fullest and give their best in all aspects of life without worrying about the consequences. Further the students were shown the arms and ammunitions used by the Jawans of this mighty force. Mortar, Rifles, INSAS, Berattas, Pistols were displayed and discussed in detail. Also the students were briefed about the warfare tactics and various career prospectives in B.S.F. The visit was very informative and it definitely motivated children to serve the country by joining Para-military Forces.

Pre-primary Visit to Ice-Cream Factory

Children love outings with their school friends. By this they not only develop strong foundations of the community but also broaden their understanding of the world in which they live.
Children learnt about milk and the animals from which we get milk and milk products. They saw how the milk is processed to make ice-cream. Children keenly observed how ice-cream is made from milk. After the factory visit, children were very happy to have Ice-creams.

Visit to Cinemax

Hillwoods School Gandhinagar arranged a Movie show for classes III, IV, & V on Jul 15, 2015. The students went to Cinemax, Gandhinagar for the Movie "Minions". It wasa 3D movie which captured their interest as it was very entertaining. the students were glued with their seats for a long time. This movie gave a great message of "Where there is a will, there is a way". The students learnt to be patient, hard-working and be determined in their goals. They were served snacks such as cold drinks and samosas. It was a fun-filled day for them. They had a great time watching this movie.

Educational Trip to Madhur Dairy

Students of Class-I visited Madhur Dairy on July 17, 2015. It was an educational trip where children got information on packaging and storing process of milk, curd and ghee. After the visit, children were offered falvoured milk which they a lot. Overall the education trip was a successful trip and children fount it quite interesting.

Educational Trip to Post Office

An Educational Trip to the Post Office was arranged for students of Class II on Friday, 10-07-15. The children were taken to the Head Post Office where they were welcomed warmly by the staff. They visited various counters like those of Speed Post, Finanacial Services, etc and had a glance at various procedures implemented by their staff. They learnt about the symbol of Post Office. They were even shown how letters are collected, segregated, stamped, packed and sealed for dispatch to various places. Inland letters, envelopes, stamps were shown and their use was explained in details. While returning they got a chance to see a mail van and four letter boxes of different colours. The teachers explained the significance of those boxes. This trip was informative, fruitful and a great learning experience for chidren. Students anxiously enquired about the postman and were overwhelmed to know various facts and activities carried out by a postman.
Children wrote their address on the postcards with the help of the teacher and described their experience of the visit to the post office, to their parents. Then these postcards were posted to their parents.

A Memorable Visit to Kanya Prakash Gruh

On July 8, 2015 the girls of class IX got an opportunity to visit the "Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh". The teachers and students gave us a very warm welcome. We started off with the heartwarming prayer "Humko mann ki shakti dena". Their voice was mesmerizing, the harmony they produced was touching and overwhelming. They sang with true devotion and dedication. They even sang a welcome song for us with warm hearts and shining smiles. We played 'antakshri' with them and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. We then went to the mobility park where the respected teachers told us about how chidren understand with the help of the Braille system and their other senses. That's just not it. We took a tour of their magnificient school where we saw them weave, make boxes, cook and use computers as well. We went in their classroom, and one of the girl volunteered to read (the book with the help of the braille system). Her reading skills astonished us! Her fluency, perfect pauses, expressions, everything was incredible.! We visited their shop as well, where we saw them make earrings, rakhis and bracelets even knot a chair to become more self-relaint. Hillwoods school donated Casio, Books,Hand Towels, Biscuits, Chocolates, etc. All in all, this trip taught us to never lose hope. Whatever the condition might be,

Behind the clouds, the sun is shining still

Visit to DMart Shopping Mall

As an effort to create awareness about day to dat household activities of community, a visit to a departmental store was arranged for students of class III. For this purpose, "D-Mart Shopping Mall" was chosen and a visit was planned on 03-07-15 in co-ordination with D-Mart management. The kids were briefed in advance about the visit and were asked to follow the instruction of the teachers and the D-Mart Management. The kids were explained about availability of different products in different sections. They were asked to check the rate list of items that they wanted to purchase and slect the product according to their budget and need. The kids mainly purchased stationary items.. The purpose of this visit was to make the kids aware about purchasing, billing and queue system, etc and was achieved satisfactorily. The students enjoyed the visit.

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