Workshop on Childhood Developmental Milestone

Workshop on Childhood Developmental Milestone was held on 04-02-2015 Wednesday at 8.15 am with play house parents at Auditorium by Kalpana Kshattriya, Counsellor of the School. Six areas of development were covered in the workshop

  • Physical Gross motor, Fine motor and Balance Co-ordination
  • Language Development
  • Cognition / Intelligence development
  • Emotional Development
  • Social Development
  • Behaviour She discussed about all areas in details with importance and various strategies to develop these areas in a better manner. The whole session was very interactive parents asked various questions related to their children and their doubts were declared with different examples.

Seminar on E-judiciary and E-taxation

School had organised seminar on e-judiciary and e-taxation on the occassion of vigilance week. School had invited Mr. Shashiranjan Mishra and Mr. Jagdish Chandra from Nationa; Law Univerisity., Gandhinagar. Mr. Jagdish Chandra gave brief information about our Judicial System at different levels i.e. District court, State level court (High court) and National level court (Supreme Court). He also briefed about the transparency in courts's proceedings. Mr. Shashiranjan Mishra briefed about e-taxation. He gave meaning of tax and different types of taxes i.e. direct and indirect tax and why and how taxes are important for government as well as for citizens. He also enlightened the students about e-filing of taxes and how it is easy and less time consuming. Seminar was really helpful for teachers as well as for the students.

Workshop on Career in Indian Air Force

A workshop on Careeer in India Air Force was conducted by Wg. Cdr Mr. N. Paranan (Indian Airforce) on Sep 30, 2014. He educated the students on various aspects and opportunities available in Indian Air Force. He gave a detailed explaination about the various branches in which one can join according to their interest like the Flying branch, Techincal Branch, Ground Duty Branch, etc. He also guided them regarding their entrance exams and selection procedures. He also briefed students on the selection procedures for women, medical examination for men and women, group list, interviews, etc. He discussed on the availability of vacancies, their allowances, short service commission in flying branch. The workshop was very interactive and motivated students to take initative in joining IAF/NDA.

Workshop on Non Conventional Career Options

A workshop on 'Non Conventional Career' Options was conducted for thestudents of class X-XII by counselor Mr. Mohit Mangal. He gave an elaborate explaination regarding what actually these non conventional career options mean. In today's worls where everyone is into the rat race, following the set patters in the form of conventional careers B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, Medicine, Engineering and many more, the students wanting ti get out and do something non-traditional and different, don't get the right direction and right time. The workshop became very infusing with an interactive session as the students were getting more eager to know many things related to Non conventional options. The workshop was indeed very motivational, interesting and encouraging.

Workshop on Oral Hygiene: Vital to Health

A workshop on Oral Hygiene was conducted by Dr. Tanya Jain on 10-09-14 for the students of the primary school. Dr. Tanya explained the children about the different causes that lead to dental cavities. She also talked about the different Do's and Dont's for keeping our teeth healthy. She also demonstrated the right method of brushing teeth and explained that what matters is the way we brush our teeth and not the toothpaste brand that we use. She made the workshop very interactive and interesting by interacting with the children, and giving the opportunity to share their views. Children also asked questions on oral hygiene which she answered with great interest. In the end, she also distributed stickers to children, which was a reminder for them to brush their teeth twice a day.Students enjoyed the workshop and showed keen interest in it. They got many useful tips for keeping their teeth healthy & maintaining a beautiful smile. Overall the workshop was very fruiful.

Workshop on Maths Hands on Activities

Tell me and I'll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I'll understand.

A Workshop to promote teaching of Mathematics with the help of Mathematics Laboratory was conducted by Mr. Ashish, Regional Manager and Mr. Gaurav, Subject Expert from NEXT Educcation on August 08, 2014. They started with K.G. students and had four different sessions for students of classes I to X. They showed models of basic shapes, which the students identifieid quickly and answered correctly. Also they demonstrated the making of various shapes using 7-piece tangram to class IV through slide show presentation. Class V students enjoyed making symmetrical figures by using the given shapes.
It is observed that learning with the help of mathematical models creates interest in students. Thus, such Mathematics Laboratory definately converted the abstract subject to a concrete one and helped students to understand the subject better.>

Awareness drive for NTSE and IJSO

"Life is Competition". We all face competition in one way or the other. All competitions require a lot of competitive spirit both mentally as well as physically. To nurture talented students of the school, a seminar was organized to create awareness about the plethora of competitive examinations conducted by state governments at State level and by NCERT at National level to provide deserving students scholarships to assist in further competitions and future studies.
Mr. Manish Gajjar, Sr. faculty chemistry at resonance told students about when will the NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) and ISJO (International Junior Science Olympiad) Exams be held. He educated the students on the various stages in which these exams are conducted, told them about the structure of the test papers, time management required for checking the exam and importance of rigorous preparation.
Students also cleared their doubts regarding the syllabus for these exams and structured preparation. The seminar motivated students to take initiative to participate as well as strive to excel in various competitive exams and create a niche for themselves in this competitive world.

Seminar on Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

An estimate of 7.5 crore of the Indian population is drug addict and the count is going up eminently. 26th of June holds its significance as the "International Day" against Drug abuse and Illicit trafficking". To represent the day, a seminar was organised by the school where Commander Sriman Narayan of Coast Guards from North-West region and Mr. Sunil KUmar Chaudhary, officer of Narcotic Bureau were invited. Commander Sriman Narayan started the seminar by telling students how Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffic is a severe problem in India today and how they can keep themselves away from it. It was followed up by presentation on the same by Mr. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary, Officer Narcotics Bureau. He enlightened the students with information on various subjects like "What is drug abuse?", "Reasons for people to start using drugs", "How drugs effect our body?", "Ill-effect of Drug Abuse", "Symptoms of Drug Abuse and it's prevention and cure". The seminar was followed by a question and answer session with students. Students of our school were very inquisitive about the topic and discussed several questions with the Officers like "Why are sportsmen addicted to drugs?", "How to avoid drugs?", "What is the golden triangle?", "Why 26th is chosen as day against drug abuse and illicit traficking?, "Why isn't there a ban on alcohol, tobacco and drugs in India?, etc. The question and answer session was the most fascinating part of the seminar as it really exhibited awareness among youth regarding this problem. The seminar ended with motivating speech by the Commander where the students were urged "To say Yes to Life, and No to Drugs".

Inhouse Workshop for Primary Teachers

A workshop on "Story telling" was conducted by Ms. Rekha Venugopal on May 08, 2014. The workshop was attended by Pre-primary and Primary teachers. The main objective of conducting this workshop was to enhance the art of narration and story telling skills. The teacher started the workshop by explaining 'What is Story telling?' & 'What is its importance?'. Along with the art of narration, the teacher also explained the importance of using various visual clues and properties such as story charts, placards, flash cards, board settings & illustrated story books. This will help to make the story more interesting, enjoyable and easy to understand as well as enable the teacher to hold the teacher's attention through out the story session. To enhance the art of narration usage of facial expressions, action and voice modulation is recommende. This helps the children to visualise the story being told. Once the narration of the story is over, an interative session should be held where the teacher poses questions to the children. This helps to reinforce the concept of story. Whatever starts should be ended in a very proper manner. Stories are very important medium to inculcate moral values in the tiny tots through playful methods.
A workshop was conducted on "Developing Writing Skills" on 08-05-14 by Ms. Parul Gupta. The aim of this workshop was to "how to develop writing skills" for kindergarten children. It is important to develop good writing skills, so that one's handwriting is neat, clear and legible. The teacher explained that in order to write neatly, one should develop pre-writing skills. Pre-writing skills are developed in a playway method through the use of clay moulding, coloring, drawing and art & craft activity. Once the pre-writing skills are developed, the teacher will teach them the proper method to have a grip and hold on pencil. She then begins with the pattern writing with the help of teaching aids like black board, worksheet and coloring. The workshop was conducted in a very interactive manner. Wokshop was concluded by getting suggestions on how to develop and improve writing skills by emphasizing on giving more practice to child in different ways.
A workshop on "Learning Disabilities" was conducted by the Counsellor of Hillwoods School Ms. Kalpana on May 05, 2014 for pre-primary and primary teachers. The workshop was aimed at how to deal effectively with students suffering from Learning Diabilities like Dyslexia, etc and get the best out of them. She also highlighted on the general facts on Learning Disabilities. Overall the workshop proved to be very useful to teachers.

Workshop on English Vocabulary & Language Enhancement

We may be good at language but there is always some scope to learn more. On the basis of this principle a workshop on English Vocabulary and Language Enhancement was conducted for classes